7 Trip to Russian Northern Most Town Dixon

Trip to Russian Northern Most Town Dixon

Posted on November 3, 2014 by tim

Russia is a pretty Northern country (remember Siberia and all those stereotypes about very cold climes). However, even the Northern country must have some place that is the Northernmost, and in Russia this place is the town of Dixon – the most Northern Russian place where people live on constant basis. Interestingly, this place is on the ocean coast – but this ocean is the Arctic Ocean so the water is always ice cold and for most of the year covered with ice. Still people enjoy an “Ocean View”.

The population of the town is 657 people and most of the town is situated on the island for some reason. Denis has visited the place and now we have a chance to peek into the most Arctic place in Russia. So here is the story:

To get to Dixon one has to wait. First you need to wait for a suitable day as there is only one plane going there from Norilsk city and it goes there just a few times each month. You can’t book the tickets in advance. People can only buy tickets to this town by standing in line. So Denis went there and stood in line and finally he got his ticket.

It takes two hours to fly from Norilsk and finally he arrives at the coastal town of Dixon – the Northernmost town of Russia. It was founded in 1915 and during the Soviet Era it was blooming, with the population reaching 5,000. However, as the USSR collapsed and Russia didn’t pay much attention to Arctic exploration, the population of the city collapsed too, almost tenfold.

This is the airport of Dixon.

And its main terminal building.

The plane you can see on the horizon is not a real plane but a monument of an LI-2 plane, placed there in the 1970s.

Denis didn’t wait for the bus to take him from the plane as the bus was busy in the town doing something else, so he walked.

This car was in production from the 1950s to 1979.

Then, because the airport and main part of the town are on an island in the Arctic Ocean, he had to wait for a ferry to cross to the continental part of Russia. And there he met the truck with the luggage of the newly arrived passengers.

The guy in the truck yelled: “Hey, if you want your stuff come and help unload it!”.

So people had to unload things themselves and put them on the boat which had arrived.

The ferry goes to the continent once a day (plus one extra time when the plane arrives). The price is roughly 5 dollars.


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7 Responses to “Trip to Russian Northern Most Town Dixon”

  1. Erik says:

    Amazing , bleak place !
    What do people do there for a living ?
    Denis deserves a medal for photography .

    Thank You

  2. Richard S. says:

    Village is in disrepair. If any of these buildings existed in my city, they would be condemned.

  3. Tutan Camon says:


  4. Vijay says:

    Very special set of pictures. Felt like I was there. Thanks for sharing. Keepup the good work.

  5. Lumpy Gravy says:

    > Amazing, bleak place!

    Indeed. I just tried to look it up but the only Dixon that Google Maps knows in Russia seems to be a suburb of Rostov-on-Don, which is one of the southernmost of the big Russian cities (Vladivostok is even a little further south). I think, for a country like Russia it is important to keep these vast, bleak, seemingly empty spaces at least minimally populated and well defended because it’s mostly there where the country’s oil, gas and mineral wealth lies … which some greedy and unscrupulous competitors would love to get their hands on.

  6. Mike from Ohio says:

    I see Mr. Obama’s new boat awaits!

  7. Mister Twister says:

    I see no point in living there, only coming once a year to take pictures.

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