10 Moscow Right Now

Moscow Right Now

Posted on November 3, 2014 by tim

Ilya, the photographer, likes his city, so he takes his camera and goes for a walk and snaps some photos. We repost them here so that people of all countries can take a virtual walk together with Ilya around the city.

For example, here you can see how underground pedestrian crossings are being renovated. They don’t close them from public use while renovating.


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10 Responses to “Moscow Right Now”

  1. Erik says:

    Great walk ! Thanks

  2. khairi rani says:

    I love Russia&the long history etc.
    will travel to Russia soon. I really enjoy this website. please post more picture!

  3. Alain says:

    When Russian will know how to drive and park, policemen not to be bribed, and the city to build proper road infrastructures (including roundabouts, escape lanes and public parkings in sufficient numbers)) and the State to introduce conciliatory accident statements, Moscow (and many other Russian cities) will truly be paradises for biking : flat and good distances for driving.

    I did it once (60km driving) : a bit crazy, but pleasant enough…

    Still a lot to do, but I’m sure it will happen, sooner or later…

    • Pz. says:

      Moscow is old city, and historical centre too small for traffic of 12 million traffic

      • Alain says:

        Not only that : the traffic management is done “with the a..s”. There are things there which are seen nowhere else (firelights on 2×5 lanes, no relief roads, cars parking on the right lane on motorways, motorway exits for futile things like restaurants, almost no traffic circles). There are huge things to rebuild completely, to make the traffic management efficient and reduce traffic jams…

        Regarding the historical centre, it is not that small. Compare it to Paris or Rome. But something like London could be done there to improve things…

  4. Tutan Camon says:

    I bet the guy with the white Mercedes is dressed with Adidas clothes……

  5. Jordan says:

    Beautiful Moscow thanks ilya !!!

  6. Vijay says:

    Thanks, good stuff.

  7. ABB says:

    LOL! Would anynody in their right mind trust a free and open WI-FI spot? I would trust shaking the hand of an Ebola patient first.!

    And wow! How damned smart to have bike lanes in the middle of the sidewalk! Seriously, great design there. ;)

  8. Riega says:

    Ilya thanks for the photos and your creativity. You have to think that for us, who are thousand of miles away from Moscow, we will know the city through your pictures. I am sure that there are many things you can capture with your camera that give a better approach to your beloved city. If you want I can send photos of my city too.

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