2 Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice

Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice

Posted on November 2, 2014 by tim

When traveling on an atomic ice-breaker, the crew often make stops and drop different equipment onto the ice, because the mission is not purely entertainment but rather scientific research. So people disembark onto the ice and spend time doing some scientific stuff, staying for days on the ice near the ship. However, there is a risk of the ice shattering, sometimes it can happen very fast and these things are hard to predict.

Now, this time when Sergey travelled with an icebreaker team, they had three containers of scientific equipment, life supplies and a few people out there on ice, when suddenly the ice broke and people were cut off from the ship. See how it went further on:

In the first photo you can already see a crack in the ice, so the crew of the Yamal icebreaker started evacuating the people who were working on the ice.

This guy in the red jacket was the director of the trip, so he was giving orders to the crew.

And everything seemed to go as planned until…

More cracks started appearing, now right under the containers with their stuff!

Uh-oh – those people on the left were totally cut off from the ship and the equipment is at risk.

The cracks grow bigger and bigger.

So the rescue helicopter from the icebreaker was dispatched to save the people.


However the equipment couldn’t be saved. At least one of the containers started going into the icy waters.

What can we do here? Take photos!

One container is lost. Two others are at risk.

Would they be saved?

I doubt that. The ice disappeared very quickly.

And the containers went drifting away on an ice floe.

Bye-bye, equipment.
Hope you liked this dramatic story of lost stuff. Maybe some polar bears will find new toys and stop the genocide of the seal cubs for a while.


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2 responses to “Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice”

  1. Ron says:

    One day, people will discover these things at the bottom of the arctic ocean, and put them in an archeological museum.

  2. petrohof says:

    foolish to place containers so close together on such thin ice. looks like they could have been saved with quick thinking, maybe to much vodka!

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