4 Photos of Kurill Islands: Rasshua Island

Photos of Kurill Islands: Rasshua Island

Posted on November 2, 2014 by tim

A group of photographers continue to travel through the Kurill Islands – the group of islands that border Japan and were previously Japanese territory. This one is a tiny Rasshua island, however even on this tiny piece of land there are remains of Japanese roads, fortifications and awesome nature. Let’s see it!

This island is just 13 km long and 6 km wide. However, it is a home of an active volcano with the same name – Rasshua. To land on these grounds one needs to be lucky as the weather conditions such as strong winds and tides can prevent you from doing this.

Lots of seaweed on the shore. A traveller has to put his boat in some distance from the shore, as the seaweed doesn’t let the boat pass, and then walk through this brownish-green food of sea animals.

They say this island was a central point for ancient trade of the tribes living here. Tribes of the North Kurill islands have met people of the South here, for trade and stuff.

These are the photos of those aboriginal people taken in more recent times, they already have been much affected by Japanese (see the dresses) and Russian (see the beards) culture, but still have something in common with Polynesian tribes, where they probably originated from.

However, these days nobody lives here, and the photographers came there during the low tide.

These islands were given to Japan by Russia in around 1850. However, reportedly Japan didn’t know what to do with them until the 1930s. Later they started establishing scientific missions here to study growth of the plants and animals, and have built fox breeding centers (why foxes??).

The scenery here is awesome. Foggy.

And these islands have no trees at all. Just bushes and grass.


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  1. Erik says:

    Those are some lovely pictures . I was moved by the pictures
    of the shore life .. I miss the sea ………. so thank you
    for bringing me back there .

  2. Mister Twister says:

    As the namesake suggests…

  3. Froggy says:

    Very impressive !!

  4. Ken says:

    Ainu were more white than Asian on origin.

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