11 Place with Helmets: an Abandoned Military Complex Weaponry

Place with Helmets: an Abandoned Military Complex Weaponry

Ok, hoping you all are having a good weekend, so now let's see the abandoned artillery weaponry located pretty close to Moscow. This place is pretty much in good form. Alex, who
visited this place, says its known as "army unit with helmets" among his friends - the men who are eager to visit different places like this. It's called this because...

13 Kamaz Truck Reimagined as a Home

Kamaz Truck Reimagined as a Home

I bet you've seen houses on wheels before, nothing new here. However, this one is made by some Russian actor and is not something made in a factory but
by himself. It has a living space for the actor and his friends and a garage for storing his bike and other stuff. Let's see how it looks.

2 Soviet Far East on those Soviet Postcards

Soviet Far East on those Soviet Postcards

Basically, these are postcards of the Soviet far east, pretty much never seen online before and scanned by some enthusiast, from the "Golden Period" of the Soviet epoch - dated 1973-1976, you can probably feel the
atmosphere over there at the time. Some of the postcards were black and white, some were colored, good thing every one of these had captions so we can know exactly what was photographed. So let's see, one by one.

8 Russia as Seen by Foreigners in Early 19th Century

Russia as Seen by Foreigners in Early 19th Century

What I've read about this series of images is that a group of European tourists travelled to Russia in the early to mid 19th century, and to better memorize the things they saw, they decided to make these pictures. Inside you'll find exactly what they've seen, but even looking at the first
picture, which seems like a group of shepherds who are grazing a herd of bears inside the Russian city (and bears seem like they are pretty obedient for those guys) this pictures may be a little exaggerated. Or maybe it was really that cool in those times:  

11 Mountain Resort Built for Olympics near Sochi

Mountain Resort Built for Olympics near Sochi

Before the Sochi Olympics, this place appeared in the Sochi Mountains. Ilya, who went there and took the photos, calls it "100% child of Olympics" probably meaning that this was "ordered" to built so that guests of the Olympics had one more attraction to
visit. However, no matter that it's an "artificial" project, it turned out to be pretty well done and we have a chance to look into this "Roza Hutor" (that's his name) resort up close. From a distance it looks pretty European stylized.

4 Old Photos of Metallurgic Plant in 1908-1910

Old Photos of Metallurgic Plant in 1908-1910

Pretty nice photos of the steel casting metallurgy plant of old Russia. How the plant was built and how it looked at time, etc  - from back at the beginning of
the 20th century. What's interesting is that even at that time they already used high powered electric furnaces to melt steel! Let's see what it was like:

25 Abandoned Miners Village in Abkhazia

Abandoned Miners Village in Abkhazia

There is a Soviet miner's village in Abkhazia with the sunny name of "The Meadow". We have featured it once already, but now Vladimir has travelled there again and taken some more nice photos. Technically, this place cannot be called abandoned as at least one person still continues to live in the village that is gradually being reclaimed by nature. Gradually is pretty
fast in this case, as this place is in Georgia and Georgia was once the most southernmost Soviet places. So it's a pretty warm clime over there. Vladimir did a really good job of visiting this almost fully abandoned village, which was previously a town, met a couple of local elders and took terrific photos. Let's see what this place is up to:

3 An Ukrainian Hogwarts

An Ukrainian Hogwarts

Ukrainian people call this place "Hogwarts" - they think this architectural creation reminds them of the well-known school of Harry Potter, and what's interesting is that this place is a school, too. A university in the city of Chernovtsy in Ukraine. It
was built in the late 19th century and was initially a residence and a school for the local church authority. Armahema, the photographer, went there and took the photos in detail, and has a story to tell that you can read inside.
55 Destroyed Lughansk Ukrainian Airport

Destroyed Lughansk Ukrainian Airport

  We have already mentioned a destroyed Lughansk airport with video here but here are some more photos from
inside. A previously peaceful airport is now totally in ruins, including the planes, as you can see here!

8 Soviet Privileged Shopping Stores for Foreigners

Soviet Privileged Shopping Stores for Foreigners

In Soviet times, things people could buy in stores were limited to mostly things of Soviet origin, and because it was the state that owned and controlled all the stores and all the manufacturing, the selection and quality was not very much welcomed by people - as it was normal that most people had the same furniture in their same-design apartments in typical same-design building complexes, wearing the same clothes and carrying the same suitcases. Only elite population groups had access to "elite" consumer goods. They were the ones who were in power and the
ones who travelled abroad as they had been paid with foreign currency abroad and the state needed currency so there were special shops selling stuff for foreign currency or the Soviet equivalent called "checks" - those were paychecks Soviet citizens received instead of currency while abroad, as foreign currency was not allowed to be owned. So here we have a catalogue of what was offered in such elite stores and what the prices were, you can compare them to the prices in your country at that time - around 1970-1980s.

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