9 Beautiful Shots of Moscow from Above 2014 and a lot info

Beautiful Shots of Moscow from Above 2014 and a lot info

Posted on October 27, 2014 by tim

From time to time, we have seen Moscow as well as other cities from above. However, the city changes and people come up with new ways of getting photos, so let’s see a very fresh set of photos of Moscow from above taken recently in 2014. Very nice and colorful in the moment when the day changes to night so illumination is already on on many buildings but you can still get a glimpse of the fading day.  BUT THIS POST IS NOT YOUR REGULAR POST. It really is a MUST SEE! There is a lot of new stuff to learn about Moscow and these beautiful, beautiful photos! Come on, see it inside! And remember photos are clickable and can be viewed at a much larger size and scrolled from one to another with arrow keys!

Moscow is the the biggest city in Russia – officially home to 12 million people (unofficially – you go figure out). Because of this, it is in the top ten largest cities of the world. This is a Moscow kremlin, the oldest part of the city. Right in the center of it. Moscow, if you see it on the map, is made in a radial way spawning away from the center in the circles of the Moscow Circle roads and the Kremlin is in the middle. So to get to the downtown and to the Kremlin you need to pass through all of Moscow.

This is a Kremlin embankment of the Moscow river.

Kremlin panorama. It was built around the year 1485 and the length of its walls exceeds two kilometers – 2235 meters.

There are 19 towers on the walls of the Kremlin and one tower inside the walled complex. Three towers are round, while the others are square in shape.

This is the Troitsk Tower of the Kremlin. It is the tallest tower there and stands 80 meters tall.

This building is called the “Big Kremlin Palace” or Big Palace of the Kremlin, and was built in 1838-1849 by the order of Tsar Nicholas I. These days it is the main residence of the president.

The St. Basil’s Cathedral, one of the best known things in Russia.

Was built in 1555-61 to commemorate the conquering of Kazan.

This is “Lenin’s Museum”

And the “State Historical Museum”. It has exhibits from ancient Russia until nowadays.

Manezhnaya square.

This fountain is called “Clocks of the World” and basically its large glass dome is a roof for underground mall.

A Tverskaia street – a broadway of Moscow.

The Bolshoi Theater – the main Russian dramatic theater.

A quadriga – it is depicted on the Russian one hundred ruble bill.

The governmental houses of the USSR communist party. During the terror times, over one third of the population of these houses were executed. It has been home to a lot of Soviet celebrities.

The large trading mall which was used as a mall in Soviet times and is a mall now as well, and its front windows facing the Red Square.

Another old mall.

Russian parliament or GOSDUMA. Earlier it was home for the Soviet Government and other Soviet top executive organizations.

“Russian Whitehouse” – is a current Russian federal governmental building. During Yeltsin’s time, tanks fired shells into it.

To the left is the ex Soviet factory making chocolate sweets. On the right this tall something is a monument to Peter the First, a very tall monument as you can see, higher than all of the nearby buildings.

New Arbat street.

One of the main Circle Streets – Sadovoe Circle.

Stalin’s skyscrapers – seven tall buildings built by Stalin’s order. They were all started on one day, September 7th, 1947, to celebrate 800 years since the founding of Moscow. 

The Moscow university building is the tallest and most tremendous out of those seven. 240 meter tall, and was the tallest building in Moscow until 2003.

A residential building.

Another tall residential building.

And this is the hotel Radisson Royal. In Soviet times, it was called the Hotel Ukraine.

And now the modern architecture of so called “Moscow City” – the district where they wanted to build skyscrapers.

They wanted it to become an international business center.They planned to build 16 skyscrapers there.

In 2014, ten have been built and eleven more are being constructed. Fifteen of those are skyscrapers – taller than 150 meters.

On average, those buildings have 54 stores. 

The average apartment price in them is around 1-2 million dollars.

This one is 70 stores and 309 meter tall.

And this is Mercury City Tower. It is seventy five floors and 339 meters tall. It was the tallest building in Europe until September this year.

Another business tower – fifty nine stores, 268 meters.

“Evolution” tower, fifty floors and 255 meters tall. This one is a project of English architects and looks like a DNA molecule, that’s what they say.

Remember that poster where people eat lunch while building a skyscraper in the 1930s?That’s right, nothing has changed regarding the security..

Ostankino TV tower – the tallest structure in the world when it was built – 540 meters tall. Now the 8th tallest stand-alone structure in the world.

A panoramic view from the Ostankino tower.

This is what you see from 503 meter high.

The park of the victory.

Built in 1995 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.

Komsomolskaia square. Home to three Moscow railroad stations. 

They say that thirty million people travel through those outlets by train in Moscow to other parts of Russia and abroad. 

“Kievsky” train station. 

Another circle road encircling the city. This is called “The Third Transport Circle”.

Ulitsa Begovaia.

This third transport circle is thirty six kilometer long.

I really hope you enjoyed this one, and big, big thanks to Slava for the photos!!


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  1. john says:

    These are outstanding photos, Moscow is a very beautiful city,.

  2. charles jackson says:

    I would love o visit the city and people.

  3. Dan says:

    Moskva looks pretty good.

  4. Rob Normann says:

    Great pictures. Would love to visit Moscow some day.

  5. RusWatcher says:

    What huge number of big and tall buildings and monuments of soviet times and nowadays !

  6. SSSR says:

    It is Mockba.

  7. Lumpy Gravy says:

    Moscow is an incredibly beautiful and well preserved city. I am very impressed by these stunning images. It’s a shame, though, the planners didn’t prevent the high-rise corporate trash architecture that’s now towering over the gems from better times …

  8. David says:

    Thanks for this great post! Moscow is one of many cities I will surely visit some day!

  9. Mark Hughes says:

    Brings back memories of my time there, Interesting place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

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