1 Underground Lava Rivers of Kamchatka

Underground Lava Rivers of Kamchatka

Posted on October 26, 2014 by tim

Sergei went to Kamchatka (Kamchatka again) to all those flaming volcanoes and thermal geysers valleys and took some nice photos of what he calls “Underground fire rivers” – or lava streams. Here we offer them for you to enjoy the view too:

But why are they called underground lava rivers? Because they run underground before rising to the surface and starting to cool down. Those “windows” give the visitors an opportunity to peek inside:

Basically, this ground is a solid rock field, called a lava field. But from time to time sinkholes appear in the ground because there is a cavity underneath and lava floats. So this holes become the windows to watch the movement of an underground lava stream.


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  1. Rob Normann says:

    Exciting photos.

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