1 Moscow Airport DOMODEDOVO from Above

Moscow Airport DOMODEDOVO from Above

Posted on October 25, 2014 by tim

So if you ever travel to Russia and your ticket has “DME” written on it, it means that you are coming to Domodedovo airport, one of a few Moscow airports. Here are the sights you might be lucky enough to see from onboard the airport if there are no clouds, if it is not a night flight and if you have a window seat. If you don’t plan to come, here are the photos of one of the Moscow busiest airports taken by Alex:

Because this is a pretty busy airport, they do construction jobs to enlarge it.

I remind you that photos are clickable and can be opened widescreen.

Of course, there are many airports around the world but this one is Russian and is the result of Soviet thought, now gone, and so is an example of Soviet engineering.

Parking lots.

And that’s pretty much it. Look at the forests that are around the airport.

Hope you enjoyed the view, and thanks goes to Alex.


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  1. Alain says:

    As far as I can remember, much of the Airport complex has been rebuilt since 1999. Thus, there is not much left of the “Soviet” engineering and thought. “Just” Russian engineering and thought, which is fair enough…

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