2 Moscow Police Special Forces Host Open House

Moscow Police Special Forces Host Open House

Posted on October 23, 2014 by tim

It seems that it has been a while since we had something about the army or police training and you have probably started missing this stuff already. So here, Evgeny, the “Russian Blogger” has visited an event which Moscow Police Special Forces were staging to display their actual forces and enforcements in action. Pretty picturesque and also you might already noticed there is already snow. So let’s see what they have there:

Basically, the event was held in a special place, sort of a giant shooting range near Moscow where a lot of new weapons were tested. It is pretty large – twenty eight kilometers long and six kilometers wide, lost in the woods and fields of the Moscow region. This big gun has also been tested there.

And tanks. I am not sure if they belong to the Police Special Forces as well.

So here the special forces gunmen show the civilians how to use heavy guns.

Even young kids are allowed.

Then marching.

And twisting guns. Looks like its pretty old technology here. Old, but always wanted.


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2 Responses to “Moscow Police Special Forces Host Open House”

  1. Vijay says:

    Amazing pictures of the training. Once in a while, it is ok to see such pictures.

    Now for another request: Is there still Romance in the Cities in Russia ? With folks rushing sooo much these days, appears real romance is almost dead. In country side with more time, this is expected to be different. Will be nice to see one series on this. Thanks in advance. :)

  2. MAXDMG says:

    To many russian town and cities have many years of history, interesting architect, some traditions, but if you want my opinion like russian, a can advise Moskow and Saint Petersburg, Pitersburg realy romantic city, you can vizit many playses, from imperators palases, to aurora cruzer, only one of tho ships from russian – japanise war 1904-1905 that now exist in the world, and only one real ship, that realy you can call working ship, you newer see even a part of interesting plases in previous capital of russia build by Petr 1 like a window in europe. But you also can start from Moskow, red scquare of course, but many awesome museums and places, some stations in subway is a piece of history and they real cool looking places, but it’s only subway, you can see museum\gallery when going into real museum)

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