6 Kurill Lake is a Village of Wild Bears

Kurill Lake is a Village of Wild Bears

Posted on October 22, 2014 by tim

So this is Lake Kurill – or Kurill Lake, it is considered to have the most dense bear population in the whole of Russia! Denis, the blogger, has visited this place and seen lots of bears at once. Let’s see bears, bears and more bears he met in the “bear village” – that’s what they call it. You’ll be able to learn what the three main groups of bear fishers are, will learn that bears enjoy caviar, will learn how the bear moms protect their cubs and a lot more.

Bears are huge here.

The lake is situated near the volcanoes. Here is one.

And here are the bears. People get really close to the beasts, and watch them for their different activities. For example:

A bear fishing. There can be up to twenty bears in one group and the group will go and search for the fishes. 

“Even when we were arriving at the place by air we could see a lot of huge bears down there from the height”, remembers Denis.

Here are the bear watchers.

“We planned to stay here for just thirty minutes but stayed for over two hours”, remembers Denis, after seeing the captivating sight of bears going fishing.

“There are three groups of bears doing the fishing. First are the moms with cubs.” Is it me or does this mom bear seem to be very content and almost smiling on this shot? Moms are usually happy when their kids eat, so she is probably not an exception.

Moms and cubs usually fish from the coast, to catch the fish that approach the outfall of the river.

The fishing outcomes.

Because cubs can be hurt by the big male bears, some “moms” have taught their cubs to climb the trees near by and wait till the mom is done fishing. Amazing.


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  1. nestr says:

    What can I say only that the russian is very, very beautiful country!!!

  2. Mister Twister says:

    Hurr, Ima burr!

  3. patricia says:

    those are some of the most beautiful and sensitive bear pics i have ever seen. thank you for sharing – Patricia in Washington, DC

  4. mittens says:

    I always wondered how do bears eat fish when it is full of little bones!

  5. Alper says:

    I used to love Finland, but now Russia Nr 1 for me!
    I love Russia!

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