2 Soviet Far East on those Soviet Postcards

Soviet Far East on those Soviet Postcards

Posted on October 17, 2014 by tim

Basically, these are postcards of the Soviet far east, pretty much never seen online before and scanned by some enthusiast, from the “Golden Period” of the Soviet epoch – dated 1973-1976, you can probably feel the atmosphere over there at the time. Some of the postcards were black and white, some were colored, good thing every one of these had captions so we can know exactly what was photographed. So let’s see, one by one.

The backs of the cards looked mostly like that. So basically this one is called “Kamchatka. The roads of Tundra”. It’s the back of the one you’ve seen at the top of this post. Pretty poetic.

“Guillemots (birds) on the bird’s bazaar”.  Bizarre.

“Kamchatka. Koryakski and Avachinskii volcanoes”. Probably seen from a plane.

“Kamchatka. Seals on the Bering island”.

“Kamchatka. The geologists.”

“Kamchatka. Night in the Petropavlosk city”.

“Kamchatka. The valley of geysers (hot springs)”.

“Kamchatka. The herd of deer.”

“Kamchatka. The fishermen port”.

“Kamchatka. Three brothers.”

And now the set of the colored postcards. This one on top is a cover in which they were wrapped. The series was called “Native country” and this particular sub series “Kamchatka”.

Those had the English translation. Like this one was called “Primorye (region). Nakhodka Sea-Port”.

“Primorye. Lotus flower in blossom”.

“Primorye. Country guards.” Those are probably real border guards in the photograph.

“Primorye. Sikhote-Alin”. By the way, this place is famous for a meteorite exploding above and now a lot of meteorite pieces on sale on ebay come from this region. Just google it.

“Primorye. Tetyukhe river”.

“Vladivostok. A Column at the entrance to the city”.

“Vladivostok. The city beach.”

“Far East Bear Cubs.”

And here are some more different cards. These are Russian only. “Kamchatka. the geysers valley, geyser Giant”.

The same geyser valley, now this geyser’s name is “GROT”. Almost Groot. Grot is grotto in Russian or a little cave.

“Kamchatka. Tolbachik volcano during an eruption.”

Hope you enjoyed them!


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  1. Vijay says:

    Yet, another amazing set. Thanks indeeddd !!

  2. vozz says:

    And nothing changed since…

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