55 Destroyed Lughansk Ukrainian Airport

Destroyed Lughansk Ukrainian Airport

Posted on October 14, 2014 by tim


We have already mentioned a destroyed Lughansk airport with video here but here are some more photos from inside. A previously peaceful airport is now totally in ruins, including the planes, as you can see here!


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55 Responses to “Destroyed Lughansk Ukrainian Airport”

  1. petrohof says:

    and for what? now no one can use it.

  2. Darkness99 says:

    Donetsk airport is a much more scary site now. It (was) pretty large and just recently renovated by modern standards, and now there are tanks rollin right inside the remains of its terminals among the piles of debris and broken glass, with dozens of burned down airliners laying around the cratered runway. Truly apocalyptic, even the destruction at Sarajevo airport during the city siege was not that strong. It is estimated, that fighting for Donetsk terminals will last for weeks, if not months, as rebels try bust the ukr military out of the bunkers beneath. The Donetsk airport and its surrounding villages are the ukranian forward base for the artillery shelling the city, as it was in Lughansk (we can see piles of spent arty shell casings on the pics), before the progovernment forces there faced defeat.

  3. boci says:

    those aircraft are old wrecks and do not fly almost 5 years.
    an area of ​​grass is really young. it’s a lie !!!

  4. Alain says:

    Not a big deal for the destroyed planes : they were so old and useless anyway.

    For the rest, thanks to Russia for the destruction (let’s remember that 9/10th of Ukraine is peaceful and undestroyed – and empty of any invented fascists -, everywhere where Russia has not invaded or supported imported militias…) :(

    Russia should fight fascists on its own soil (like the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and its friends)

    • Fuel_of_Satan says:

      They may have been technically useless, but they were part of a museum displaying historic airplanes. Well, they used to be historic airplanes, all pretty much scrap metal now. That double decker with blue propellers was easy to recognize from pictures of the old aviation museum there.

    • Denbts says:

      Why do you need this airport? Bobama will suck shale gas from it for you and all territory become second Chernobyl. Who need those filthy rusky to live on their own land? Hail to Merica! Masturbate for demograzy!

    • MAXDMG says:

      Russian army in top 5 army in world, third budget, new weapons, and million soldiers. You realy think it’s fight with ukrainian(then not sponsored 23 years, 40 000 soldiers and old soviet technic 70-80?) If russian army be there kiev been taken for 2 or 3 days. Faster then RF defeat georgia.

  5. Otis R. Needleman says:

    All because the Russians just will not leave the Ukraine alone. Putin’s a small, scared man.

  6. john says:

    I dont understand this kind of destruction

  7. petrohof says:

    done by stupid people, they should be hung.

  8. andy says:

    I wasn’t aware that “Putin” destroyed anyone’s airport. It is the US -backed and $$ supported Ukrainian forces and US mercenaries who attacked SE Ukraine after the region declared its “independence” following the anti-Russian Kiev “putsch.” None of this would have occurred without US State Dept. (read Victoria Nuland)
    conniving and support for Ukr “neo-nazi’s”. If Putin were truly active in this mess, he could destroy the Kiev airport and infrastructure. Let Kiev live without water, power, and jobs for a year or so. Civilians are suffering tremendously.

    • Alain says:

      Seems you have been living on Mars on the past 6 months. If I were you, I’d visit a few cemeteries in Pskov or Rostov (both in Russia – for your record) to have a better idea of the situation for the Russian army…

      And it also seems that Russian-held Donetsk will live like you describe in the coming months, until Russian troops leave. Civilians are suffering tremendously :(

      • MAXDMG says:

        Those fake photoshoped photoes? And “dead” soldiers magicaly resurrect in RF and shoot videos laughting on this propaganda trash? Ukrainian newsmaker get to dead soldiers even a football team, 3 times killed Strelkov and motorolla(militia kommander), and get an a clue video from promo world of tanks game(with tanks with game logo) as russian army in ukraine? Maybe start think how poor army of ukraine then 23 years are destroed and financialy unsopported can fight with russia army if RF army on top 5, and even USA can’t something deal with it without destroing all world? LOL. Maybe north corea can defeat USA? Fantastic, but on it’s news can. In ukraine something like that, propaganda for stupid people that cant even watch wiki or youtube, or forget how long be war RF aganist georgia.

  9. Tutan Camon says:

    The war is very good to health.Keep feed him morons!!!!!!!

  10. Darkness99 says:

    Wow, Donetsk occupied by Russia and after all those months still no photos of Russian troops and no surveillance data with all NATO recon satellites watching the area. How can that be?

    • Alain says:

      You must be blind : there are plenty of them (to say the least – both hardware and soldiers) ! Even better : they are interviewed, even by Russian TV ! Maybe you should get out of your lost retreat :D

      And we mustn’t forget as well plenty of graves, back in Russia (in Pskov and Rostov at least)…

      • Alain says:

        No. None of these :)
        Pictures of hardware with Russian ID hastily removed, deeply in DNR and LNR. And graves in Pskov and Rostov, all fresh with young men names…

        There is no blinder than the one who does not want to see…

      • Darkness99 says:

        And it would be nice to see some links)

        … BTW, Ukrainians did claim, that they have completely destroyed Pskov airborne division (3 times), Cantimirov guards division (reported twice), most other prominent regiments of Russian army (all – at least once), a few hundred T-90 tanks, also it was said, that two navy battle cruisers went out of Cubinka for Ukraine (don’t know, what happened to these, especially taking into consideration, that Cubinka is a tank museum not far from Moscow), and then the defense minister of Ukraine told reporters about Russia striking ATO zone with nuclear mortars (!). The most recent Ukie news from censor.net.ua is Russian secret weapon, that destroyed the soldiers brains near Ilovaisk (!!). All that sounds, lets say …a bit strange, but they are actually reporting such things day by day and take it serious. And of course, they did not say, that the progovernment forces with all those cool newspaper wins actually lost it all dew to unbelievably poor command, complete lack of training, founding, and low morale. But “blame Russia for everything” trend still seem to be good excuse =)

        • Alain says:

          Except if Russian divisions are 100-people strong (which I hope not, for Russia’s sake), I have never seen anything about entire Pskov division destroyed (nor anything about Cantimirov, hundreds of tanks, Cubinka, atomic bomb, etc.). You should certainly review your sources of propaganda :)

          But I have seen Donetsk airport conquered by Russian 3 times (at least) (source : DNR) :D And Mariupol ought to have been in Russian hands too. But seems not…

          And here is just one link about Russian army in Ukraine :

          And just one about Russian soldiers in Ukraine :
          (source : Kremlin)

          There are hundreds of others. Just get your head our of your a…s and dig a bit :)

        • Alain says:

          And another link, just in case (source : Novaya Gazeta)


          • Darkness99 says:

            [big post] Please, no newspaper garbage, these guys lie on daily bases to keep up in the mainstream western media line. You can write everything these days without the need to give even some little proof, you know) Here is the pack of examples from the Ukrainian side =)

            The (now dismissed) defense minister of Ukraine, mr. Geletey writes in his Fb that Russia is about to use nukes
            (https://www.facebook.com/v.geletey?fref=nf) 20 sept post, later gives details (by his version, the very Lugansk airport on pics here in ER post may have been lost by Ukrarmy dew to Russia nuclear strikes =) http://censor.net.ua/p303508 and http://www.20khvylyn.com/news/war/news_10892.html
            The same minister blames it all for secret Russian bullets http://army.unian.net/991660-rossiya-na-vostoke-ukrainyi-ispyityivaet-puli-iz-

            4 ships (not 2, as I’ve said before) move from Cubinka http://izvestia.kiev.ua/article/60373

            the ATO twitter reports the non-existent Russian units (from Cubinka again, they love this place) assaulting the airport

            National security council of Ukraine reports thousands of Russian soldiers dead (bodies seem to evaporate into thin air)

            Pskov division lost hundreds and flees ones again

            15 Truckloads of dead Russian soldiers were shipped out at night

            18 Armored Brigade destroyed at Snejnoye

            Vasileva reports 2000 dead Russian soldiers
            and caught lying (soldiers reported dead by Russia human right activists turned out to be the Orenburg local football team “Gazovik” players, all alive http://www.aif.ru/society/people/1347109)

            Ukrainian president claims large Russian column destroyed by artillery
            So, my advice, if you want to find, or proof smthing, dig in photos/videos like milphotos dot com. There actually is some evidence of “voentorg” working – the modern day lendlease from Russian side, but still no Russian army personnel detected. Also it is pretty stupid for the Ukrainians to state some immense many thousand loses by Russian army, as in the Georgia conflict the Ru army lost smth about 80 men in total, with the Ge army actually a bit more well equipped, trained and founded, then the Ukrainian one )

            • Alain says:

              You can believe what you want. I don’t. I focus on verified elements, not propaganda. This is typical Ukrainian propaganda. Like Russian propaganda, useless to hear. There is credible elements on both sides. I pick them up, and drop the others…

              • Darkness99 says:

                So, here we go again. What evidence is there about the invisible Russian invasion? And please, no crappy newspaper articles with “I sware we saw army columns move in, but didn’t do any photos, because we didn’t do any =)”. By the way, why doesn’t NATO present any solid satellite images or something? What happened to their praised ELINT and HUMINT systems?

                • Alain says:

                  Stop with that : there is plenty of evidence, which you wish only to discard. No blinder than the one who does not want to see…

              • Mikhail says:

                Except that the only thing you do is that you refer to Ukranian newspapers which have become NOTORIOUS for writing OUTRAGOUS things. Darkness99 is giving you the actual articles from which you draw the information about the “Russian invasion.”

                Yes, many Russians fight among the Separatists and no one is denying that fact. The difference is that these men claim that they are volounteers that have come there by own will. They are not regular soldiers, the vast majority are normal guys that have had experience within the military or Russian security forces. The Russian Army is power by conscription, and it is only natural that a large number of men at one point or another have had some training in either the Russian or the Soviet army.

                I can belive that the Russians have military experets and advisors in the People’s Republics, but that is not something unique in this conflict. In pretty much every war world powers send their own agents to train and instruct those that they support. (glancing at the US)

                Concerning weapons and materials – it is quite possible that the Russians supply the separatists with equipment through “voentorg”. But the rebels also have A LOT of Ukranian weapons and munitions. Just think about it – there are countless military depotes dotted around Ukraine, many in the Donetsk-Lugansk areas. Many of them were captured by the separatists in the very beginning. There is a military base in Artemovsk, which for a while was controlled by them as well. Artemovsk is/was filled by tanks and military vehicles, and at least some of them I think that they managed to repair and activate. Then we have military units stationed in the area, some of which were captured by force or that joined the separatists. They had weapons as well, don’t you think?

                In addition we have the Ukranians army which has at several occasions proven itself very poor in actual fighting, abandoning vehicles and weapons all over the place. Don’t you think that the separatists try to utilize those weapons?

                • Alain says:

                  What about the weapons Russia did not export and was the sole user (including some special versions of tanks and buk) ?

                  What about Russia, at best, letting “freedom fighters” use its own territory to bypass the Ukrainian army ? Not honourable from a “brotherly country”, don’t you think ?

                  If the Ukrainian army was so “poor”, why the DNR and LNR retreating until 15/8 ? Why don’t they occupy whole “Novorossiya” ?

                  Russia has far more than simple “experts” and “advisors” in Ukraine. “Freedom fighters” have far more than Ukrainian weapons in their hands.

                  And with this invasion and the annexation of Crimea, Russia has lost the heart of Ukraine for, at best, several tens of years. So long for the Eurasian Union…

                  • Darkness99 says:

                    Like I’ve said, there is undoubtful evidence of “Voentorg army surplus store” working, these are the well known (to those, who are tracking the issue) pictures of 2 or 3 T-72BVs, 1 T72BM1 and 2 BTR-82 APCs (or one and the same, as one was ok, and one, later, destroyed), not seen in the Ukr army.
                    But I guess, that it would be stupid to expect Russia to leave the Donbass fighters to stand against the Ukrainian army and ultranationalist paramilitary ‘battalions’ with bare hands=) Imagine, that the Chinese stage the coup d’état in Mexico or Canada to change their course away from the US to the red realm – the US marines would land there in hours time, without bothering with giving a dozen Abrams tanks to the locals) So Russia’s response is too moderate, in my opinion. Also, the amount of heavy equipment, ammo and other useful stuff abandoned by the Ukrarmy in pockets near Ilovaisk, Saur-Moghila and in villages near Lughansk is amazing – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PhoK1MAGgaA

                    P.S. A bit later I’ll try to write about what led to this crushing defeat of Ukrainian army.

                    • Alain says:

                      “Give some Abrams” : you joker, what about training to use them ? Definitely Russia supports and IS present in Eastern Ukraine. Without formal war declaration. This way, Russia has lost Ukraine’s heart for years to come. So long for a brotherly country…

                      In Ilovaisk, the hardware was to be destroyed in exchange of safe exit (which did not exist, by the way, as Russians just skeet-shooted the leaving Ukrainian). It was a defeat indeed, because of treachery. Now, to the Russian to now defeat in Donetsk airport. Several times already…

            • MAXDMG says:

              Stop posting this stupid fakes, all of them are trash. Ukrainian journalist Anatolii Charii are destroing them, many, many of them. One stupid and fantastic another. And maybe in russia someone noticed handgreds and thousand killing soldiers? No, ‘dead’ soldiers get resurrected in russia, photoes of graves been photoshoped, russian technic uses in training in RF in 2007-2013. And where is million russian army, new russian equipement or uniform, new technic like on photoes from kremia and aviation? In russia of course, ukrainian bandit goverment just need to ghost agressor from another country, they not want confirm that 10 000-15 000 dead ukrainian soldiers killed by donetsk and lugansk international militia. And it s true in kiev soldiers and mother of killed soldiers are protested against war and bad army support, and it’s not fake, video on youtube. Dated september.

  11. snowdenikoff says:

    Painful .

  12. EW says:

    The types of aircraft pictures show was originally built for civil use, such as agricultural work, they are not originally designed for warfare, so I can hardly see any acceptable reason to justify such acts.

  13. Musky says:

    I was in Donetsk about 11 years ago. I flew in one of those old propeller passenger planes from Donetsk to Mariupol. It was a blast. Flying low and slow over the countryside was so much nicer (in my opinion) than flying fast and high in a jet. Reasonably priced, too. The airport destruction is bad, but not as terrible as the killings.

    Marker this on your coffee cup: Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, Or do without. These people will be without for a long time.

  14. andy says:

    This violence will go on for a long time. Putin has wisely kept his cool while the US State Dept, with a budget in billions allowing for overt and covert military acitivity around the world, is responsible for this wreckage. Many voices in US point finger at “Pentagon” but the military do NOT want more war, only the US leadership. It helps the economy, you see…

    We need to look at the forest, not the trees, – Obama, McCain, Ashton, et al not to mention England want bigger and more wars by end of Obama admin Jan 21 2015.

  15. Darkness99 says:

    To Alain,
    You are forgetting, that most of rebels did serve in the army dew to obligatory conscription system, Soviet or Ukrainian (depending on their age) or have defected from acting army/police/security service. So, thx to the conscription system there is a guy, who knows how to drive a tank in every small village of the former Soviet Union. Besides, T-type tanks are no Abrams, they are much more simple in what comes for the controls.
    About the hardware and shootout at Ilovaisk – there are only words of the escaped commanding officers, who had abandoned their men. Naturally they would accuse everyone (Russia, Mars invaders, whoever) and claim, that they destroyed their armor and stuff. And then rebels come in with the cellphone camera and show us the real thing =)
    And now about the reasons for defeat.
    It started with Ua army intent to surround the whole Donetsk/Lughansk formation and take back control of the border. The army units advanced in and got jammed on a narrow strip of land between the rebel held positions and the border. The rebels acted immediately and cut their communications with mainland Ukraine – the first ‘pockets’ were formed and began to decay slowly. Then Ukrainians gathered all they had and moved in to cut Donetsk from Lughansk in one crushing blow from both directions (Saur Mogila/Torez and Gorlovka/Debaltzevo) leaving
    nothing but a few guard posts and roadblocks behind heir backs, thus forming the so called salient. At these towns they met stubborn resistance (and began to overwhelm it with the use of good old cannon fodder tactics) …and soddenly got that was coming. The salients were slised with rebel groups from both Lughansk and Donetsk directions. Destruction of newly formed huge pockets unseen from the WWII was the matter of days (with GRAD launchers around). Situation worsened, as the Ukr forces did not have the consolidated line of command (everything was thrown to combat – marines, paratroopers, ultranationalist volunteers, all with their own independent commanders). Some survivors later complained, that they were not even issued maps and working radios.

    Salients and pockets are the basics of the army strategy every military academy cadet should know at his first year, but this turned out to be not clear for the former security guards chief, who became the Defence minister of Ukraine after the revolt =)
    Some more things contributed to the rebel victory – the widespread use of relatively cheap & commercially available quad or hexacopter drones
    with cameras. A stabilized vision platform, raised above the terrain to correct the artillery fire, turned out to be a game changer. The second thing – the Ukr army is an army after all – it has bases, outposts, camps, and these are perfect targets to be fired at with devastating effect, even if you have 1 mortar. The rebels with their guerilla tactics do not have such vulnerability.

    • Alain says:

      Given the fact that Russia “was” a “friendly country”, most of the working bases were in the western part of the country (where the “enemy countries” were) : there was not a SINGLE ground brigade based in the region taken by the Russian army and Russian-backed rebels. Just check it on independent source. Easy to do :)

      Beside this, the Ukrainian army has been left decaying because of stolen money by its former kleptocratic government. So, even if there was some hardware, it was mostly not really useable. Most (if not all) hardware used by the Russian army (90%) and the local “rebels” (10%) has been provided by Russia. (this is a final point for me. No use to try to convince me otherwise)

      And : if Russia was truely a brotherly country (which it is not), the control of the border would be useless for the “rebels”, who would then not be able to use it, as controlled by a Kiev-friendly country. Only a fool would not understand it…

      • Darkness99 says:

        I must say, that most part of your “all your bases are belongs to us” comment was quite a riddle =) But ok, some things I’d like to note about what I was able to read: 1) I do not plan to convince a person, who uses ukrainian media trash bins as a source of credible information, into changing his opinion about things. Instead I write my posts for other readers here.
        2) Ukrainian establishment stopped founding the army at the times of president Kravchuk, the sale out of military hardware started at Kuchma’s rule, at the same time the Ukrainian army took out their first passenger jet and hit the first apartment block with SCARAB-B tactical missile, founding of the army further decreased with Uschenko, with addition of some weird reforms, and the remains indeed were stolen by Yanucovich. But now there seem to be some reserves left, as people keep stealing http://www.20khvylyn.com/news/incident/news_11457.html, selling out the new US supplied food rations and providing strikeball “body armor” for the price of real armor vests =)

        BTW, Alain, that do you think about the recent increase in Ukrainian artillery shelling of Donetsk densely populated areas, including (once again) the use of tactical missiles = http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qT4RhTig_oM

        some nice cease-fire going on, eh?

        • Alain says:

          I am not in Donetsk. So why should I trust more Russian media trash bins than Ukrainian media trash bins on the source of shelling ? Of course Russian journalists are better placed than the Ukrainian : they can interview “freedom fighters” directly from their hidings, in apartments overlooking fighting zones :D

          Regarding the clearance sale of the Ukrainian army, I fully follow you. Russian “freedom fighters” are so very good at finding Ukrainian military hardware in Donbass, given there are no significant bases in the region (all are more to the west of the country, to protect it from “western” invaders and enemies) and, as you tell it, much of the hardware has been either sold, or left decaying, beyond use :)

          Beside this and as Russia is as white as you seem to believe it, maybe we could also discuss about the Moscow, Buynaksk and Volgodonsk apartment bombings, back in 1999 ? I guess you are among those who truely believe they were done by Chechen terrorists ;)

  16. Darkness99 says:

    1) Ok, you convinced me, the ruins are either photoshopped, or the rebels shell themselves, activists block & burn themselves in buildings, etcetera. And the heavy missile remains laying here and there around Donetsk, well, lets just say, that they don’t exist)

    2)Ukraine had about 10000+ heavy armor left from the SU, but these are long gone. About 700 hundred combat worthy tanks and APCs were moved to the conflict zone from all other Ukraine, plus even more armored vehicles of other types. And 1000+ vehicles in different condition were kept in a very insignificant Artyomovsk tank reserve base half way between Lughansk and Donetsk.
    3) The Chechen terrs are almost saint, they would never do such a thing, as blowing up something. Nothing to discuss here, blame all on Vlad the Evil =)

  17. Alain says:

    1) I don’t try to convince you, neither will you convince me. Ever.

    2) I didn’t say that : I said that most of the gear left from SU was either sold, or useless. And in any and all cases, any useable hardware was deployed in bases more western than Donbass (the easternmost was in Dnipropetrovsk). So, I fully believe you when you imply that “freedom fighters” had huge skills to rebuild everything and even to transform T72 into versions that did not exist in Ukraine. They are impressive, aren’t they ?

    3) Chechnya is in, remind me ? Russia ? So Russia has no way to control its citizens ? Protect them by preventing them from going into a war zone where they have nothing to do ? If I were Vlad, I’d fire the heads of the border protection services ! They are seemingly huge duffers !

  18. Darkness99 says:

    “So, I fully believe you when you imply that freedom fighters had huge skills to rebuild everything ”
    Thanx, I knew that I can convince people=) To keep up the pace, here is a video of rebels starting up the WW-2 memorial tank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iuR-KySNKo
    And here the badly beaten T-64, abandoned by the army http://s00.yaplakal.com/pics/pics_original/1/9/6/3614691.jpg is restored and upgraded =)http://englishrussia.com/2014/09/05/demons-tank/

    • Alain says:

      I don’t mind about your opinion, as I didn’t mind about the opinion of American warmongers, back in 2002 in Iraq and their so-called WMD (which were non-existent, as I kept telling them back then).

      I was called a bloody French coward, like you now call me a bloody fascist. I am used with that and I don’t mind your (false) opinion. American warmongers proved to be wrong, and Russian invaders will be proven to be wrong too, in due time.

      In both cases, the place for the proven wrong is the ICJ in The Hague. I have my conscience, and truth, for me. You don’t… CU in The Hague :)

      • MAXDMG says:

        Scary russian invaders without single shoot get democratic woting in kremia. People of cremia get choise to return to Russia. Because in RF life is better, then bancrupt ukraine. But world not interested they opinion. Like in a people of lugansk and donetsc, they not want to be part of ukraine, with bandits who get rule in kiev after massacre in maidan supported EU and USA and start to shoot on cities with artillery killed many ordinary people. RF supporting antidemocratic maidan, and get money on it? No, USA and EU yes, RF uses batallions with fascist flags like azov? No,poroshenco and other bandits yes. RF starting peace dialog between bandit goverment and militia? Yes, but USA and EU better get RF like agressor. Maybe RF better realy use army in march, war stops at 2-5 days in kiev, like in georgia 08, uzurpators,nationalist radicals be in prison, without many dead bodies ukrainian people? Maybe USA stop destroing goverments in other countres, starts a wars and get punishment for creating islamic state, and other crimes in yugoslavia,irac,libia,syria, and now ukraine? No, double standatrs are truth in world politics.

      • Darkness99 says:

        I didn’t call you a bloody fascist, but I will call you a weirdo. You resisted one mainstream controlled media hoax, but decided to support the other=) And your wish to send me to tribunal for providing u-tube links to videos of ukrainian army atrocities (that don’t fit in your dreamscape), well, it also tells us a lot.

  19. al says:

    whats all the noise, this is a war and shit happens.

    didn’t you see what Israel has done to Palestine killing 3000 and destroying a whole city. this is only an Airport.

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