25 Abandoned Miners Village in Abkhazia

Abandoned Miners Village in Abkhazia

Posted on October 14, 2014 by tim

There is a Soviet miner’s village in Abkhazia with the sunny name of “The Meadow”. We have featured it once already, but now Vladimir has travelled there again and taken some more nice photos. Technically, this place cannot be called abandoned as at least one person still continues to live in the village that is gradually being reclaimed by nature. Gradually is pretty fast in this case, as this place is in Georgia and Georgia was once the most southernmost Soviet places. So it’s a pretty warm clime over there. Vladimir did a really good job of visiting this almost fully abandoned village, which was previously a town, met a couple of local elders and took terrific photos. Let’s see what this place is up to:

Already on the road to this place, and here in the photo above you can see the road surface, Vladimir had seen the coming signs of the village.

For example, this house standing in the middle of the forest.

Some forgotten “Zaporozhets” Soviet cars.

And voilá – the village called “Meadow”.

Vladimir says that only one person is still living in this house, occupying exactly one apartment (he could get the neighbors places too, probably?). In the photo above you can see his windows.

This place is close to the “Mine Number Six”, whatever it means, probably the sixth mine in the region. 

Here is the village “downtown” with empty four-storeyed buildings all around. 

The city was absolutely empty, says Vladimir (you can see his car in the photo), then suddenly a local person appeared and told him the story that this village is not a village at all but was a miner’s town with a population of around 10,000 people, and the name of the town was “The Meadow”. This is how we know its name now!


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25 Responses to “Abandoned Miners Village in Abkhazia”

  1. Jim says:

    I wonder what they mined? Coal, Gold, Silver, Uranium?

  2. Jon says:

    It would be interesting to know if the miners had to pay rent or if the housing was free to them. My guess is it was free. Such are the horrors of socialism.

  3. snowdenikoff says:

    How do they get clean water and sewage ?

  4. Alain says:

    We thus have an idea of what Donbass will look like in 20 years, thanks to Putin efforts…

    • Froggy says:

      The alternative if the West wins, is ethnic cleansing & the Dombass region looking like Detroit …

      Makes you realise why the people of Novorossia fight so hard & desperately …

  5. Vijay says:

    Will be very helpful to know how they manage the basics of life there:
    1. Food 2. Clothing 3. Shelter (Repairs, mould etc.,) 4. Healthcare, emergency 5. How they get and pay for power 6. Entertainment activities in that area

    Please consider the above factors for future such projects, thanks in advance.

  6. Stary Wylk says:

    How difficult would it be to get one of those apartments? What are they like to live in? What sort of amusements are available? Why is the town so depopulated?

    • Andrew says:

      Are you serious? Abkhazia is grey area, annexed part of Georgia. Property there is very doubtful. It is just abandoned and forgotten apartments somewhere in mountains. You can arrive and live there as long as you want. Town is abandoned because of ethnic cleansing of Georgians during War in Abkhazia (1992–93) influenced by Russia.

    • mittens says:

      The town is empty because mines got closed so they had to move out because they couldn’t get the money and can’t live from air alone. Don’t listen to this paid troll.

  7. CZenda says:

    AFAIK, this part of USSR was the gate/source of hard drugs (heroin) supplied to the rest of Worker´s Paradise.

    • Andrew says:

      CZenda, source of heroin is poppy from Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan etc). In Georgia there were a lot of addicted consumers.

  8. Larry says:

    EnglishRussia, bring back the photos of beautiful Russian girls. I’m tired of coming here to see mainly photos of Soviet-era ruins.

  9. Erik says:

    That was great Vladimir .

  10. Jon says:

    Please keep up the good work for those of us who are interested in history and culture. For those primarily interested in girl shots there are plenty other sites (millions of them)

    • mittens says:

      And please moderators be a little more strict regarding comments approval. Thanks!

      • Alain says:

        If only the owner of the website chose a clear line of publication regarding war in Ukraine : either everything (including pro-Ukrainian in Russia and photos from the pro-Ukrainian side) or nothing. Personally, I’d prefer nothing, to get a full rid of useless trolls… That’s how I loved English Russia, before the beginning of the year…

        • Froggy says:

          Says the man who, in his post dated 15th October, first mentioned Dombass/Ukraine in this totally un-related subject about Abkhazia …

          Alain, what planet are you really on ? Maybe you should consider stopping red wine in your breakfast cereals matey ?!

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