1 Moscow Railroad Depots as Seen from the Drone

Moscow Railroad Depots as Seen from the Drone

Posted on October 10, 2014 by tim

So, as technologies develop, we now get access to a new tool – flying cameras. Some manufacturers of the drones actually name their products this way now, rather than just a flying thing for a purpose that isn’t very clear. Photographers are catching up too, because using this thing they can take photos of the same old places but from a totally different angle. Like these photos of various Moscow railway stations. Alexandr, the photographer, has got his flying camera and now he can share with us awesome panoramic photos of the stations. The biggest depot he got on camera has thirty nine railways coming all together in one big garage. How can you catch all of this in one shot if not from the air? See more inside:



This type of technology – totally unheard of just a few years ago AND totally unimaginable as recently as in the Soviet Era – who are you? A spy or something?


But now it’s easy and affordable. Well, almost affordable as the price for such a device can get up to a couple of thousand dollars if its really good and smart. But the possibilities are nice.The shot above is the station. And below:


And this is the same place but from the ground – in the winter. Totally different view. Though also nice.


Not only rail road stations but a view of sunset above Moscow from above.

Alexandr is fond of taking such gorgeous photos of the railways but he says he is still not sure how far his camera drone can go without risking it. Though modern flying cameras are smart – if they loose your signal they just fly back to where ever it was launched from, same thing if the battery is critically low.

Alexandr says he has lost his signal a few times but the smart cam was still able to return to being under his control. 

And here he says is 39 railways together. I didn’t count them, but he says it’s the biggest depot in Moscow.

And now he commands his camera to get lower down.

And it goes lower and lower with each turn. 

Until he notes that there is a construction site nearby and flies his cam over there.

To see what’s going on. 

How did you like Alexander’s photos? I find them awesome, frankly.



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  1. Mike Stolen says:

    These pictures are amazing. I am sure the Moscow rail depot would put these pictures to goo use. Aerial drone photography is the next big thing!

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