32 Russian Guy Thinks He is an American Marine

Russian Guy Thinks He is an American Marine

Posted on October 5, 2014 by tim

Meet Stepan. He calls himself Stepan Dallas Walker. Here on the photo he is posing with an American flag near the Hermitage of St. Peterburg. People on background probably don’t understand what’s going on. But we do – he claims he is an American patriot (though he is not even a citizen) and especially likes the Marines Corps. So he owns full Marine camp, an American flag, rifle replicas and a lot of other things that you can see inside. Also he has a friend who seems to be sharing his passion. More inside:

I am not sure if he can even speak English but here is his room. His TV shows the flags and displays his “name” – Dallas Walker. His computer display is a Liberty statue.

Here the photo

Here is a nice one, Stepan walking the street and some guys filming him:

Guys on the car were pretty amused.

Here is his friend

Here they celebrate 4th of July. You see he got pepsi and burgers as he thinks this is what American Marines should it.

He wears underwear with green currency on it.

And he has a parade uniform too.

Here is him in Peterhof, Russia kissing the flag.

And that’s a screenshot of his profile page in Russian social network.


Another celebration. Now Coke.

Do you have he got any chance?


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32 responses to “Russian Guy Thinks He is an American Marine”

  1. Alper says:

    HAHA… If USA rolls in with tank in Moscow and makes Russia a puppet country, I am sure they will put him in charge of the country!

  2. snowdenikoff says:

    Stepan needs a dog to be very glad to see him when he gets home.

  3. Pom2Ter says:

    What a douche… seriously I can say I’ve seen it all now… Russians dreaming to be Americans…

    • SSSR says:

      There are millions of Russians in my country now-The United States,and there are many people in Russia who would like to live in the United States.There is nothing wrong with these pics or this guy,he does what he wants to do!

  4. Buzz says:

    This guy is nuts but I guess that’s obvious.

  5. Sergei says:

    hey this stepan must be a US Army fan, dont worry, he wont do any harm comrades.

  6. Ivanoff says:

    He is clearly quite a sucker for all the flashy patriotic paraphernalia. His room is so shiny with all the badges, flags and other bits’n’bobs that it almost looks like a girl’s room. And what’s with all the stoge? I knew americans were fat asses, but, surely, they wouldn’t feed that shit to their soldiers! Or would they?

    • DHB says:

      The U.S. military will feed the troops things that will cause you not to take a shit for a week. Try to get a hold of a box of GI issue C-Rations. If the gray colored meat doesn’t gross you out, nothing will. The current MREs aren’t too good either and certain ones are to be avoided like the plague. Depending on the mess facility, you’ll get a range of food, some of it can be used as spackling paste or grout, other stuff is only suitable for prisoners. If they fed this stuff to the prisoners at Guantanamo, they’d give up all sorts of info to not have to eat it again. I believe that if if this stuff doesn’t make the terrorist in the Middle East surrender, nothing will.

      • Bobert says:

        Horseshit. What are you from 1960s? What C-Rations? We’ve had MREs for decades now and that’s reasonably good food, which will make you shit just as scheduled.

      • Buzz says:

        I always loved C-Rations and K-Rations when we could get them. I must admit I’m not fond of MREs. Still, that has nothing to do with the fact that Stepan is ‘wack-a-doodle.’ IMHO, he is a serious threat to those near him.

  7. Douglas says:

    I admire this guy. More power to him.

  8. Alaric says:

    This is not a USMC uniform, it’s Army. He wears it like a potato-sack. The dress blues are not worn without white gloves. The marksmanship badge he’s wearing on them is not USMC. He wears the barracks cover like a bucket oh his head. Nobody wears the dog-tags on the outside. Staff Sargent’s trousers are supposed to have a red stripe. White web belt is not worn with garrison uniform. And oh my god, loot at that fat hanging gut!!!

    In short this guy is a bag of ass even for a cos-player.

  9. Realist says:

    At least he has a hobby. What have you?

  10. dana says:

    at least he’s still alive there …lol…not funny at all

  11. Tutan Camon says:

    Idiot with diploma…..

  12. Carl says:

    This would be just at home with the pretentious Americans, but for a Russian, it is outright embarrassing.

  13. muroc47 says:

    This boy is a good example of the deep Post-trauma and collateral damage after the fall of the Soviet Union.

  14. Ricky says:

    His name tags are wrong. In the U.S. only the last name is used, it should read “Walker”.

  15. Froggy says:

    Maybe Stephan should try to chase girls around ? He might find it a tad more exciting than making a arse of himself …

  16. Just Me! says:

    Douche needs to stop displaying the American flag incorrectly.

    • dana says:

      its not about this,its about to see a dr

    • ParrotPatriot says:

      +1. Aside from his faux patriotism that’s what I noticed first was the flags not being displayed properly. and in more than one of the pictures! I understand the Russian flag doesn’t matter forward or backward (three horizontal stripes), but OURS DOES.

      Keep it up, Stepan. Learn thr english and come over on a fiancé visa. You’re more patriotic than a lot of our citizens are, particularly around our southern border where there are more mexican flags than US flags.

  17. Steven says:

    Almost as retarded as a real marine

  18. SSSR says:

    I saw a Russian man from Russia in the US Army.Our patriotism for our country is a state of mind,which ever way we want to go.Americans fighting with a terror group,2 Chinese guys who helped Russia be 1st place in the Sochi Olympics and are now Russians,millions of people from every country on Earth migrating to the United States…My friends Taekwondo instructor is from North Korea.

  19. faw says:

    lol like ParkourDude91

  20. Marco says:

    Definitivamente un idiota.

  21. Giuseppe Rossi says:

    He’s only a patetic nerd…
    At the first firing of a firecracker he will run from mom.

  22. Nataliya says:

    Poor kid is severely disturbed.

  23. DeagleBro420blazin says:

    glad to see more marines of the us army seals
    semper fidelis to all are armed forces

  24. annike09 says:

    My brother knows this guy, he’s Ukrainian and now Ukrainians are crazy fascist-nazi shit that love US and Europe veryveryvery much (because of American propaganda of course). I personally have never seen any Russian guy who loves America so much. And dear Americans, if you think that many Russian want to live in America, you’re wrong. We like your films and culture but your country has to much troubles, just like ours. If someone prefer to live in a better country, it’s usually Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, New Zealand or Australia. But of course everyone would like to visit US, I think it’s an amazing country 🙂

  25. housos says:

    I like his name “Dallas Walker”.

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