13 Abandoned Military Installations from Crimea and More

Abandoned Military Installations from Crimea and More



One of our readers has travelled around the ex-Soviet places to visit abandoned buildings, sites, etc. Here what he has to show and tell us:

Traveling through the east, you often come across structures which stand as eerie monuments to past times and relics from the cold war. Here is a selection of pictures I have taken on my travels throughout the east during the last few years. See inside for more.

Military Airfield. Krim, Ukraine




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13 Responses to “Abandoned Military Installations from Crimea and More”

  1. irongrampa says:

    One wonders just how many millions of dollars-or rubles-worth of equipment were simply discarded.

    • Bowner says:

      That’s what the Ukrainian government did in 20+ years of in dependency. But don’t worry, Russians will put it back to work in no time.

      • renwob says:

        Russians will take everything to metal shop, than they buy vodka and die.
        Nice try Bowner -russian troll, how much they pau you?

  2. Piotr says:

    These facilities could be renovated and modernized to protect against US aggression.

  3. GNeve says:

    Wow they just didnt bother to take out the rockets & bombs?

  4. snowdenikoff says:

    No more paychecks. No more vodka. Time to go.

  5. Erik says:

    Thank you for the interesting visit . Piotr you sound very young .. Just remember that the men who ordered those places built …. are dead … Not from outside aggression . Wasted money , time and lives for the glory of the old men .. The US is littered with such follys as well .. All countries … for the glory of the old men ..
    Sleep well , think deep and remember who built these things .

  6. Zach says:

    I would love to have that huge Lenin head monument on the last page in my front yard talk about a cool conversation starter. So I went to Russia and paid 10.000$ dollars having this baby carted to the ocean and shipped over.

  7. Zach says:

    The places could be modernized and put back into operation if needed I mean once the hole is dug it is dug. It isn’t like if the place was new they would want 60’s era technology inside if it remained untouched modernization would be needed. Which would probably be way cheaper than starting all over.

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