29 Ten Jobs Women in Russia Cannot Work At

Ten Jobs Women in Russia Cannot Work At

Posted on October 3, 2014 by tim


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You might not have known, but there are professions in Russia that women are forbidden to take by law. Like, there is a law that says “some professions are too dangerous for women to take on, so this is the list of those positions where the female is forbidden to be employed.” And this list takes in over 350 positions, which is pretty impressive. I am not sure if any feminist organizations have ever tried to argue this or if they fully realize that those positions are not very much wanted by any woman. However, besides really dangerous occupations, this list features some that you might be amazed at, like “Why don’t they allow a woman to be a bus driver?” Some of them are ridiculous, some are reasonable. Well, I am getting a bit ahead of myself here, let’s see a list of ten strange positions prohibited for women to join by law in Russia:

As you may have already guessed from the top photo, the first position in our no-no for a woman list is a carpenter. Yes, in Russia women are prohibited by law to become carpenters. How cruel is that??  But what else? Here:

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Yes, a fisherMAN. Now women can be fishermen in Russia. No, of course they can go fish by themselves, but if they want to join a team of professionals who use the fishing nets and stuff – they can’t. Forbidden. So maybe this is how fishnets appeared? Ok, some more weird bans ahead.

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In Russia women are prohibited from becoming train drivers. No matter if it is a huge diesel train or a top notch new Japanese electric train. No is no. And women even can’t be the assistant of a train driver. TOO DANGEROUS.

What else? Here are some more:



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29 Responses to “Ten Jobs Women in Russia Cannot Work At”

  1. Jon says:

    When were these laws passed? I see lots of photos of women doing many construction jobs during Soviet times.

  2. Ryan says:

    Some of these are very stupid, but I do believe that women should be encouraged not to do dangerous jobs or construction type jobs. First of all, women just aren’t as strong as men are, that is just a fact. They might hold up the job. Second, in a country that is trying to promote to the population to have more children, to raise the birthrate of Russians, the last thing a Mother of three needs to be doing is working a job that can be very hazardous to your health and well-being (I’ve heard that safety standards aren’t that high in Russia, and that there are a lot of workplace deaths and accidents, not nearly as many as in China, but far, far more workplace injuries/deaths than Western Europe or the States.

    My own personal opinion of the matter is this: Men should be raised to be a proud worker and want to provide for his family. Women should be raised to not want to work (at least during child bearing age), but to want to be fruitful and have children, and make a happy home for the Father and for the children. And for the Government to have this be possible, let’s make usury illegal, like in NS Germany, throw all the people that have made millions and billions of dollars for charging interest on paper money that is worth nothing, and then start over with a system that will allow just the male to work, and still bring home enough money for a home, a car, food, and all the things a happy family needs.

    • balerina says:

      you’re an idiot

    • hayley says:

      Iam female aged 27 and I’m not interested in men and don’t want kids. I have ambition to work with animals and I’m very happy like that. Don’t tie women especially young women with the same brush. We’re not all stepford wives or zombies born just to fit in with prejudiced and small minded mens ideals.

  3. Alper says:

    I wish all jobs were forbidden for women. That would fix nearly all economic problems we have today.

  4. snowdenikoff says:

    Once Russian women figure out that they’re breeding stock for the old order ideology, they will want to tear down that wall too.

  5. Sergei says:

    all your comments are stupid, i reckon if any women want to do a particular job then so be it, they can do a better job then us in certain places. i would get rid of all laws that prevent women from working in that position, if they know what they getting themselves into then let them do it,
    but none of this feminist shit, women can be treated equally but they the women cannot start dictating what they want and dont want.

  6. Risu says:

    “Women should be raised…to want to be fruitful and have children, and make a happy home for the Father and for the children.”

    As a woman, I have to say: BORING!!! :P I’ve got far better things to do with my life than to waste it on that!

    • Anon says:

      Yep, my thoughts *exactly*, Risu.

      I saw “Women should be raised to not want to work” and chuckled! But hopefully that’s sarcasm… Being a mom *is* work – just harder, 24hrs a day, and thankless – esp. if the dad thinks women are just for having kids and housework. But I’d rather have freedom, money, sleep etc. rather than be shackled with kids!

      Some companies like women drivers because they’re easier on the vehicles and yet still fast and agile.

    • Scythian Arrows says:

      Yes, work in an office and have superficial relationships with your co-workers instead of helping to create a loving, stable family. Hooray for feminism!

      • Risu says:

        LOL, are you for real? Other kinds of human relationships are every bit as fulfilling! At any rate, some women are well-suited for the family lifestyle, but other women would be bored to tears…everyone should get choices in how they spend their lives, so yeah, hooray for feminism!

        • ConservativeConservator says:

          That’s exactly what russia and CIS countries need: feminism and gay rights. Are you mad? If you don’t live there don’t preach to the world about how YOU think their situation is horrible. Some people need to accept the fact certain countries may never become as progressive and homophilic as the United states.

    • Bob says:

      >As a woman, I have to say: BORING!!! :PI’ve got
      >far better things to do with my life than to
      >waste it on that!

      What a stupid, ignorant comment that is.

      Take it to the exteme- what would happen if all women thought like that?

      • Risu says:

        OK, I can make it even more extreme: who cares if all women thought like that? Most people are s**t, and life is s**t, too…why keep perpetuating all the suffering and pointless struggling? Truly, we’d all be better off if we’d never been born…LOL, telling rabid American ‘pro-lifers’ that I’m totally comfortable with the fact that my mother could’ve aborted me (and I’d be better off for it) really throws them for a loop! :D

      • hayley says:

        If we stored up all the sperm in sperm banks we could put all the men on Mars and leave this planet for us women and run everything ourselves without men. What a nicer world and what a fuck in liberty it would be. Men age women and make us miserable they are mean and spiteful and try to knock our confidence. Without them there we’d get on a lot better and run everything just fine. Men we don’t need you…just put up with you.

  7. al-muell says:

    Since when cannot women become sailors? If I remember correctly, there were some women in the Soviet Navy, including Ludmila Pavlichenko. Even in Morflot they had some number of at least female medical personnel that would go to the sea with the rest of the crew.

  8. Jon says:

    “Women should be raised…to want to be fruitful and have children, and make a happy home for the Father and for the children.”

    I do not blame any woman for not wanting to be breeding stock and stay home and wipe snotty noses and rearrange dust.

  9. AlexP says:

    All “economic problems” on earth are caused by stupid, greedy and selfish old men from financial-political-military-industrial complex where socialism is for the 1% richest and capitalism is for all other 99% people.

    Women and men have to have a good and great life and should choose freely what job they want to do.

  10. Maxim Ч. says:

    Women should be considered fully equal workers if they are capable of doing fully equal work. Most of the above are ridiculous.

  11. nano says:

    Some of these are incorrect.

  12. James McKelllips says:

    Russia is still not free. Women in USA do what they want, and don’t try to stop them!

  13. Hansjörg says:

    Those laws are stupid. Why should a woman be banned from driving a bus? Why should a woman be banned from beeing a carpenter?

  14. Sergei says says:

    I tots agree and just noting you should not say bad words on here ! I’m only 11 and there are probably lots of kids that go on this website but not trying to be just saying

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