9 Big Brother of Moscow

Big Brother of Moscow

Posted on October 2, 2014 by tim

Big brother is watching you and for sure he does it in Moscow. Hundreds of people sitting in a large white building in the centre of Moscow gather information from over 130,000 (!) cameras installed in the city and are constantly tracking people and situations around. Wanna see a bit more? We have a bit more thanks to Dmitriy who visited their lair and took some photos with his tablet pc:

So that is the building in question. Not every Muscovite knows what goes on here. However, since 1970 – yes that long ago, when the first ten analogue cameras were installed into the most popular Moscow intersections by communist police of that time, this building has been the surveillance centre. Years passed, and there were no more communists around, however the centre grew and got stronger. Now it is fully digital, of course. 

They can put anything on those large screens. Cameras on the streets, in the offices or even from the dash cams of police cars can be streamed to here in real time. 


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9 Responses to “Big Brother of Moscow”

  1. Jon says:

    We have the same in the US. Information can be for good or bad. If you are in an accident help can be sent much more rapidly. It also can help discourage muggers and such. Much is being done in the US in preparation for a coming economic collapse. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article38177.htm

  2. Erik says:

    Thanks for the view .. I’m afraid the ‘Preparation’
    Jon speaks of is … not working well ..
    Why the governor of Texas is guarding the border from poor people while Ebola flies in the airport .
    Just the same old folly .

  3. Piotr says:

    Look on that crazy amount of icons! A lot of programs are installed on those computers too. I would have liked such computers to be some kind of terminals instead of PCs.

  4. Jon says:

    The more people who cross the border the better for business. Each is a new customer and each one drives down the price of labor. The big fear is that when the next collapse comes it will be a major one and the .001% fears US citizens will push back as they did in the early nineteen thirties when we got Social Security and unemployment insurance and 12 million jobs at their expense. They will be ready this time. We will not be allowed to organize as was done back then.

  5. Erik says:

    Jon , thanks for the comment . Your comments are well thought out and well presented . I do believe that we are doomed to repeat the past . Humans just don’t learn .
    The rich are milking the middle class to extinction , foolishly killing the golden goose .. check out Blair Mountain … bombing with planes to stop a union ..
    What have we learned since then ?

  6. Jon says:

    The US and Europe are a bit different. In Europe there are massive demonstrations against cuts to social programs but here there is almost no protest. The reason is that after WWII the three groups that organized to bring about change were destroyed. First it was the Communist party, then it was the socialists parties, then it was organized labor. What will happen if we go into severe depression and starvation returns is anyone’s guess. As that great American philosopher Yogi Berra said: “Predictions are very difficult, especially when they concern the future”.

    A little personal information. I am 79 years old and a high school drop out.

  7. snowdenikoff says:

    I imagine a world that by and large is not doomed to repeat the past – a world that will adapt, change and keep its cool.
    The point that our world is becoming over militarized with SWAT overuse is partially true (Ferguson, MO/ Albuquerque, NM) but those incidents are well documented. The less documented problem I see is based on populous desensitization that appears more pervasive in cities because of the numbers of cameras available there to capture incidents.
    The link that Jon provided gives an interesting insight. However articles such as that leave the reader with feelings of distrust for government long before the writer reinforces notions of a justice system still intact such as in the Eugene Mallory wrongful death lawsuit.
    Some ER readers have gotten things wrong about current affairs in the world by assuming that this site’s title is English v. Russia when in fact it can be a bridge to cross without fear, distrust or desensitization.

  8. Jon says:

    In the US billions have been spent to convince us we should shun government. No surprise there. Government is the only thing that can stand between us and the .001%. That is not an error. I think .001% better represents the number who are taking back everything we got during Roosevelt’s New Deal program.

    We shouldn’t fear government per se but government that has become a wholly owned subsidiary of big business. That tipping point was reached in the mid to late seventies. We cannot buy back the government. We are headed toward the kind of government our founders fought so hard to achieve, a government of, by and for the very rich.

    In my opinion our best hope lies in Mondragon where Communism as Marx envisioned it has been very successful. That can only be achieved over a long period of time. Armed revolution will only bring about more state Capitalism and the public assets will eventually be turned over to oligarchs as was done in the USSR and China. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guSdjsctrUQ

  9. RT says:

    LOOK and THINK

    demokracy in RUSSIA AND US – sucks!!!
    BIG brothet -new TOTALITARISM OF SPY CAMERA -overall!!

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