5 Russian Home Ads from 1960s

Russian Home Ads from 1960s

Just five photos of the old ads, however they are pretty new to me. It looks like it is the same woman in all of the photos, so it might be a
rather personal take on ads by some photographer with a lady he knows pose with a vacuum cleaner, with an electric shaver, etc.   
6 Got Master Degree? Now Flee

Got Master Degree? Now Flee

So this is happening - Ukrainian professionals, including these musicians flee to Russia to get at least something instead of fully nothing they can get now in Donetsk, Ukraine and other Eastern parts of the country. Those told to be pretty professional musicians (I hope you can tell by watching them play) now play in underground subway
stations for a heap of change they hopefully can get from the passers by. Some of them were getting their master degree in Donetsk, some already graduated and having master in music. Now this. But main reason for this being posted here is not where they are from, just look how nicely this sounds in metro:

3 Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up

Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up

Now this island "Belyi" ("White") has the status of a national park, however since the 1930s it was continuously cluttered with the stuff that was brought here from the "Big Earth". As the island is far to the North, inside of the polar circle, everything gets imported here, including fuel in large metal barrels and things like that. There is
lots of stuff to clear up, and here come the volunteers. Actually, the volunteering culture is something pretty new for the country, however here they are. See what it was like to clean a polar island of things that had been brought there for years. Nice polar summer landscapes, fogs, grass and +10 degrees centigrade.

21 More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine

More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine

Blown up tanks and APCs, projectiles and bullets, stacks of ammo and so on - more than 70 photos of things in Ukraine now. Just imagine this all happening in the places where people live. Nobody evacuated most of them, so they continue their daily routines to the extent
they can do this - all doing this among the other people cruising around in tanks and shooting, mines and bombs. They had some peace talks today, hopefully it will be fruitful and the people can get some air to breath, at least for time being.

1 Some Lone Mill

Some Lone Mill

Borisovka is a little village in Russia that has an interesting wooden mill
built back in the XIX century. But people are rarely guests here today...

3 Largest Siberian Air Base

Largest Siberian Air Base

This air base is the largest in Siberia, Russia. Here they have
interceptors MiG-31BM and they previously had Su-15TM, MiG-15, MiG-17.
12 First Day of School

First Day of School

  The first of September is the first day of school in Russia, school traditionally starts on this day, unless it's a weekend day. There are lots of photos being posted across the country by
the parents and students, but what caught our eye is this photo report from the Kamchatka region. Obviously this school looks like it is not very good, at least from outside.
20 Crazy War Aftermath

Crazy War Aftermath

  Just look how peaceful this picture is. It is a front of Lughansk airport. Look inside to see how it was quite and normal during its past days. And
then see totally awful and terrorizing video on how this place was raped and destroyed by both sides of the conflict recently. Unbelievable!

2 In the Large Russian Port

In the Large Russian Port

The seaport of Novorossiysk is the largest in Russia and the fifth largest European port according to cargo turnover. It handles 20% of the general cargo volume
exported and imported through Russian seaports. The port is situated in the north-east coast in a non-freezing Novorossiysk bay on the Black Sea.
6 Crazy Drivers Cut Traffic Thru Railway Tunnel

Crazy Drivers Cut Traffic Thru Railway Tunnel

Cutting traffic thru a tunnel where trams go might be a good idea at least some people think so, however there are rails inside the tunnel, so
they drive right along the rails, like the trains. See yourself if you don't believe, it's somehow an unique sight! (Video is inside):

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