9 A Politician in a Trash Bin (Literary)

A Politician in a Trash Bin (Literary)

As things getting more and more hectic in Ukraine here is the today's video when the mob of angry people throws a nicely dressed in suit and tie politician into a real life trash
bin and keeping him there for some time. I am especially amused by a few police men standing just there and not trying to rescue the authority. See inside:

3 Can You Guess What Those Are?

Can You Guess What Those Are?

Can You Guess What These Are? These are pretty much widely used across Buryatia. This little gadget
often is made of metal or sometimes of leather. So what's this? There is an answer inside.
8 No Litter Bike Girl

No Litter Bike Girl

Looks like this girl is serious about living in a clean city. Or its a publicity stunt for McDonalds. Or just a two-wheeled Russian girl-troll. Or
its all together. Or just some people have too much free time on their hands. You go figure, still it's pretty much creative. See inside.
0 Cleaning a Master Chandelier

Cleaning a Master Chandelier

  Sometimes, even large chandeliers need a thorough cleaning all the way through. In Russian theaters they used to have super luxurious stuff like this big chandelier from a relatively small theater in Petrozavodsk city. It probably weight more than a ton as its
made from over a thousand glass pieces and solid brass elements, so cleaning this beauty is a pretty rare thing to do, so even a photographer was invited to see it being processed. More photos are inside thanks to Gubdaily.    

7 Womens Labor In Todays Russia

Womens Labor In Todays Russia

These pictures are not from the Soviet past or an earlier period of Russian history. They have been taken in the XXI century, in the present days of social networks and selfie craziness. Well, this
is the Arkhangelsk region of Russia. Some steamshop and its workers. Their task sounds simple: they need to warm the workshops and other premises on the territory of the steamshop.

20 Soviet Union: Ten Years Before Its Collapse

Soviet Union: Ten Years Before Its Collapse

Some Russians still feel nostalgic about that time, others would never wish to turn back time and
find themselves in the 80s again. Good or bad, this is the USSR ten years before its collapse.
11 Homeless Monkeys in Lugansk

Homeless Monkeys in Lugansk

Remember the airport of Lugansk that was utterly destroyed as a result of war?  We called it "Crazy War Aftermath" at that time. But here is one more report from that city, Lugansk. After an airstrike destroyed some place where monkeys were, they were forced out
on the streets and now wander around. It's good it's still summer over there and the temperature is warm and there are plenty of greens around, however it should be snowing soon, where will these creatures go? There is one more photo inside:

15 Passenger Jets Made of Wood

Passenger Jets Made of Wood

No, really these are Russian passenger jets made of wood. A big factory making real planes out of wood. Want to see what they look like inside and to know
why they chose wood in the modern world to make planes? They look like boats with those carcasses made of wood. Why? We'll tell you inside:

7 Building Floating Bridges for Army

Building Floating Bridges for Army

Sometimes an army comes to a river that they have to cross, and the bridges are unavailable or are already destroyed. So here come the pontoon builders - army engineers that can quickly build a
bridge to move the forces from one river bank to the other. We have some photos of how these bridges are being set up and put into action thanks to Yaroslav. See inside for the show.
2 Tank Up Side Down

Tank Up Side Down

Those shots are not from Ukraine. Just a random Russian road - soldiers managed to flip the
tank somehow so the passers by could take nice pictures. Couple more pics inside.

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