4 Estonian Hotel Ad from 1985

Estonian Hotel Ad from 1985

Estonia. A part of the USSR in 1985. The Soviet state is still strong and there are six more years before its total collapse. No private business is still allowed, however the first "cooperatives" are already sprouting here and there. Those were the first days en
route to capitalism, and these are the ads one Estonian hotel published. You can already feel the advent of change. We even have to cut out one photo from the set as it featured not very well dressed ladies. Good thing the captions are in English.

22 Wedding in Dagestan

Wedding in Dagestan

Dagestan is part of Russia, and here is a traditional wedding out of Dagestan. Yes, people are shooting into the air and it is considered necessary and
appropriate in this land. What else is necessary and appropriate? Let's see inside. Nick has traveled to Dagestan and brought these photos back:
8 Chinese City Heihe as Seen from Russia

Chinese City Heihe as Seen from Russia

If you go to the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk, you can go to the river there and see China, literally. There is a river that is a border, and across this river-border there is China and the Chinese city of Heihe, which is just a short distance away. A whole new country, but so close! A lot of
Blagoveschensk's citizens have travelled to Heihe (not such a big deal to just cross a river!) but some of the locals have never been there and have only seen China from a distance. So these are the photos of what a Russian person can see of China without even crossing the border:
28 An American Fighting in Ukraine

An American Fighting in Ukraine

  A video of an American (allegedly based on an accent and what he says himself) from Ilionois (or Alabama?). He says he fights for New Russia. He however admits he would like
to get it resolved peacefully. Does someone recognize his classmate here?  Video is inside and thanks to them speaking English it doesn't need any translation:

6 Holland in Ural

Holland in Ural

Hey, do you think you can see some middle ages architecture from Holland or from other places in Europe in this pic? No, its not. It is a city in the Ural part of Russia called Yoshkar-Ola (the name is not very common, even for a Russian ear). The city mayor, as per the story, ordered that the downtown of his city be converted into an old Brugge-like
town. These are not just fake sets like they use in movies - they are real buildings where the administrative offices and some other organizations are located. At night, they turn on the lights and all of this fake European town reflects on the water. Want to see more? Nefer has travelled there and taken the photos we have inside: 

2 Twenty Five Story Building after the Fire

Twenty Five Story Building after the Fire

These photos are quite apocalyptic looking to me - a tall twenty-five storey building in Krasnoyarsk caught fire a couple of days ago, and before the firemen could do anything, it pretty much burned down, at least on one of its sides. I
readily imagined that if a modern city was struck by some bombings or other man made disasters of present times, the buildings could look like this, and there would be no place to hide. See inside for the gallery of this.

3 Floating Above Minsk

Floating Above Minsk

A nice photo set by Anna about floating above Minsk. The views, the balloons themselves, the city (which
is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in the Ex-USSR countries). Just enjoy the view.

3 Picturesque Kurill Islands

Picturesque Kurill Islands

Lyudmila and Andrei travelled to one of the Kurill islands in the Russian Pacific region and those are the photos they brought back. Very picturesque sights, geothermal sources, sandy
ocean beaches and wild arctic foxes taken there by Japanese citizens years before it became a Soviet territory. Just take a look, I don't think you will regret it!
2 What is This?

What is This?

Sometimes traveling across Russia can yield the things I bet most modern people have never seen before. Like this wooden thing in the hands of an Old Believer priest. Aksan, the photographer has taken a few photos of this
thing, can you guess what this is at all? We have more clear photos of it inside and also an answer if you scroll down to the bottom. But please don't scroll at first, try to figure it out yourself!

4 Salty Lakes of Crimea

Salty Lakes of Crimea

Just a few photos from a photographer named Max. He has taken photos of the bottoms of a salty lake in Crimea. The lake's name is Koyash, and this summer there is almost
no water, which allows him to take photos like this - fields of pure white salt stretching until the horizon. Just a couple of photos to get an idea.

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