23 Trip to Solovetsky Islands

Trip to Solovetsky Islands

Posted on September 25, 2014 by tim


Jose has travelled to the Solovetsky Islands, the place where the big stronghold was founded as long ago as the rule of Ivan the Terrible, and which later served for centuries as a monastery. Currently there is still a large monastery and only around eight hundred people living there. The island is in the middle of the White Sea and can be reached by a plane or a ship and is a place of constant pilgrimage for Russian Orthodox believers, so the route is busy all the year round. Here are the photos of a guy who took his turn in visiting the island. I really think you should browse the pages of this post through to the end as there are tons of cool photos of the fortress and even the ancient pre-Christian labyrinth made of stone closer to the end of the post. There are also lots of shots of the beautiful Northern Russian nature and things you can only see there.


Those are the huts near the port from where he took a boat trip to the island. He was shocked at how people could live in such conditions – on the bald rocks with constant wind. 

Then comes the trip through the White Sea and the guys arrive at the Fortress Island of Solovki.

This is how it looked initially when they disembarked. So where are the fortresses and monasteries?

Just a short trip (through which one already can see architecture indicating the religious origin of the island) and they can reach the things they came for.

So here is the monastery and the fortress. 

He says a lot of renovation works are going on there so he couldn’t take photos inside but he was amazed at how magnificent the complex looked.

You see women wearing kerchiefs on their heads – that’s an Orthodox tradition, women can’t enter the church bareheaded.


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23 Responses to “Trip to Solovetsky Islands”

  1. Lev Tolstoy says:

    Felix Dzerzhinsky found Solovki very much to his liking.

    “Dwell on the past, and you’ll lose an eye.”

    “Forget the past, and you’ll lose both eyes.”

  2. Erik Johnson says:

    Well said Lev .
    Thank you for the look at this
    wonder place full of history

  3. andy says:

    Thanks ER for yet another example of how beautiful Russia is!

  4. Alain says:

    That, is why I follow English Russia. Not for Kremlin propaganda, annexed Crimea and Russian-induced war in Ukraine…

    • dekip says:

      USA have wars all over the world and no one says nothing… And i believe that you sitting several thousands km from Russia/Ukraina no nothing what is truly going on. There is no truth on tv and will never be.

      • Andrew says:

        Did USA ever annex some territory?

      • Alain says:

        No ! “no one” DOES NOT say nothing. What America did in Iraq was wrong. What France did in Libya was wrong (I am French). What Russia is doing in Ukraine is wrong…

        And I perfectly know what is happening in Ukraine. I got enough acquaintances in the country to know… There is no truth on RT or CNN and will never be, indeed. Russia has NOTHING to do in Ukraine…

        • Soviet Samurai says:

          Funny how US and Israel can carpet bomb entire cities and get away with it. However Russia is not even allowed to protect their own people.

          Are you seriously comparing American media to Russian media and think they are on the same level? How ignorant are you if youre actually reading this in English language?

          • Alain says:

            How funny that, when you are against what Russia does in Ukraine, you are mandatorily FOR what US and Israel are doing. No, I am not. I am against what all are doing. Including France (my own country) in Libya. Just open a bit your eyes… I must remind you that Ukraine is NOT Russia. Russian-speaking people ARE NOT Russians. Had Russia been afraid about what could have happened in Ukraine, they should have called UN. It is done for that… Just check a bit the other parts of Ukraine : no Russian-speaking inhabitant has ever been hurt or killed there. There are wounded and killed people only where Russia is intervening. Guess why ? Personally, I don’t call that “protecting”…

            And, yes, any (serious) western European media can compare favourily with (serious) Russian media, because the latest miss independence (a word which just doesn’t seem to translate properly in Russian). Just thinking the contrary is a big laugh !

            • Froggy says:

              Alain ,

              Actually, Russian Foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov was in favour all along of a Peacekeeping force in the Eastern-Ukraine. Poroshenko is the one that ruled it out invoking Transdniestria …

              • Alain says:

                I am pretty sure a peacekeeping force with NO Russians, NO Americans and NO Europeans would not have suited dear Mr Sergei “Lie-man” Lavrov…

        • Froggy says:

          And you can also add ” What the US, Europe & NATO are doing in Ukraine is also wrong ”

          As far as Crimea is concerned, the people have voted …

          • Alain says:

            To their level, as much as Russia. The problem is, their level of intervention is much lower than Russia : no soldiers sent there (well, at least I never saw any official prisoners or IDs found on the war field – but you can certainly publish some proof of that), nor any army gear (that will be much more difficult to prove). While there are plenty of evidence of Russian soldiers (either dead or alive) and gear (functioning or destroyed) there…

            And, if they ever came, that was to the request of the official regime (backed by legal elections, acknowledge by the world community). I never saw the Ukrainian government ask for Russian intervention (maybe Russian DNR and LNR, unbeknownst by the world community and certainly not official in Ukraine). But I may have missed something ?

            “People have voted” in Crimea. Biggest LOL of the year ! “Election” under occupation of armed foreign troops. The world community has not recognized this election sham. Only observers from European extreme right parties came, and even them could not back it ! And even the Kremlin is not sure of the result ;)

            And, just remember one thing : Russian-speaking IS NOT Russian. And will never be. Like French-speaking IS NOT French. Or English-speaking IS NOT English or American. Seems there is something you don’t catch in that mere fact…

            • Froggy says:


              The US itself has admitted spending 5 billions US dollars prior Maidan for regime change in Ukraine.

              I think that makes your denial looking quite futile doesn’t it ??

              • Alain says:

                You can interpret this money as you wish. Seems you don’t like democracy and prefer kleptocracy. I personally don’t. We French cut some heads because of that. Russia did it too in 1918 (to no avail as we can see). Seems some continue to like it :)

    • mittens says:

      I think mods should disallow political comments on posts like this because they just spam comment section, they have nothing to do with the post so if the comment has nothing to do with the post than don’t publish it (that’s just my opinion).

      • Alain says:

        Indeed. And maybe also forget about anything related to war in the region, until the situation is settled…

        That’s not for that I initially came to English Russia, but more for funny or nice things. War is neither funny, nor nice…

        • Soviet Samurai says:

          Yes let’s close our eyes and listen to people with few acquaintances there to paint the picture for everyone. Clearly he comes here for funny things typing pages of propaganda about a country he knows nothing about.

  5. Vijay says:

    Thanks for this amazing collection. Congrats to those involved in this effort.

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