2 Twenty Five Story Building after the Fire

Twenty Five Story Building after the Fire

Posted on September 24, 2014 by tim

These photos are quite apocalyptic looking to me – a tall twenty-five storey building in Krasnoyarsk caught fire a couple of days ago, and before the firemen could do anything, it pretty much burned down, at least on one of its sides. I readily imagined that if a modern city was struck by some bombings or other man made disasters of present times, the buildings could look like this, and there would be no place to hide. See inside for the gallery of this.



This was the building before the fire. Probably the tallest residential complex in this city.

And now photos after the flames.

Asking for donations for repairs.


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2 Responses to “Twenty Five Story Building after the Fire”

  1. tuco benedicto pacifico juan maria ramirez says:

    Looks like the thermal isolation that was applied on the outside of the building fueled the fire.
    Were some similar incidents in germany where the whole facade caught fire.
    The firefighter usually could not even start to fight the fire because as soon as they arrived it was already too late.

  2. Rob Normann says:

    Russian buildings are far much stronger than American. In USA it would have collapsed, yes, they are even so weak that if one collapses, buildings several streets away can collapse. Just google WT 7 – 9.11

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