8 Chinese City Heihe as Seen from Russia

Chinese City Heihe as Seen from Russia

Posted on September 24, 2014 by tim

If you go to the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk, you can go to the river there and see China, literally. There is a river that is a border, and across this river-border there is China and the Chinese city of Heihe, which is just a short distance away. A whole new country, but so close!
A lot of Blagoveschensk’s citizens have travelled to Heihe (not such a big deal to just cross a river!) but some of the locals have never been there and have only seen China from a distance. So these are the photos of what a Russian person can see of China without even crossing the border:

To get to Heihe one doesn’t need a visa. Just buy a ticket. Heihe is pretty populated, it has 1,750,000 people while the city on the Russian side of the river has just 275,000. There is no bridge though, so a boat is the only way to get there. The ticket price is roughly $25 (one way). People of Russia say its very cheap in China — everything, food, clothes – so they go shopping in China in the morning and come back in the evening.

You can live in the hotel in Russia and have a view of China.


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8 Responses to “Chinese City Heihe as Seen from Russia”

  1. snowdenikoff says:

    Make a website called ChinaRussia.com

  2. Jacob says:

    same thing for denmark and sweden! you can go with boat from helsingborg(sweden) to helsingör(denmark) it takes only 20 minutes and during that time. you got to be prepared to shop becuse of the taxfree. On swedish water you buy cigarettes and on danish water you buy alcohol. becuse alcohol is more expensive in sweden.

    • Pom2Ter says:

      Its the same thing all around the world, you can do the same on borders between 2 countries everywhere. Between Argentina and Uruguay. Argentina and Brazil. Canada and the US. France and Germany. Its common all around the world nowaday…

  3. Bob in NJ says:

    My wife and I visited China 10 years ago and found it fascinating. I would be reluctant to travel to Russia.

    • Segor says:

      Find a desire to visit Russia. You will be surprised. I would not advise you to visit Russia 10-15 years ago. Now Russia is completely different, amazing and beautiful country.

      • Bob says:

        Thank you very much for your gracious invitation, Segor. Maybe I will, and I’ll bring the beer. Your friend in Elmer, New Jersey Cheers

  4. James McKelllips says:

    No visit until Putin is gone… for good.

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