28 An American Fighting in Ukraine

An American Fighting in Ukraine

Posted on September 24, 2014 by tim



A video of an American (allegedly based on an accent and what he says himself) from Ilionois (or Alabama?). He says he fights for New Russia. He however admits he would like to get it resolved peacefully. Does someone recognize his classmate here?  Video is inside and thanks to them speaking English it doesn’t need any translation:



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28 Responses to “An American Fighting in Ukraine”

  1. Ed says:

    There are western mercenaries fighting for ISIS, why shouldn’t
    there be western mercenaries fighting for “New Russia”? If you
    like to kill, rape and torture, you will find some
    pretense to excuse yourself, be it Holy War against West for
    Islamic State or a Holy War against West for “New Russia”.

    • SSSR says:

      Fighting with isis or other is a perfect way for someone to be a total brutal a**hole who thinks that he or she can do what ever they want without any consequences!

      • Ivanoff says:

        So is supplying such organisations with arms and money, effectively encouraging them to grow in numbers and fight against a legitimate government only to find oneself on the wrong end of the stick. Some countries never learn.

  2. Alain says:

    Seems you forgot to cover some demonstrations in Moscow a few days ago. With some thousands of demonstrators. Certainly not voluntarily ?

  3. snowdenikoff says:

    I saw this guy at Walmart in the mercenary department.

  4. andy says:

    I am an American and would join this dude if I weren’t so darned old. I would happily fight against the Obama “fascists”, , especially Victoria Nuland, John Kerry, and John McCain, who make up the Russophobe Dept. in the US gov’t. My family fought AGAINST the Nazis in WWII just like the Soviets did. Now, the US is the new Nazi State, using
    Ukrainians as surrogates to harm Russia and Russians in E. Ukraine who never did anything against USA. Nuland probably started this process, Kerry just is her mouthpiece, and Obama ignorant as GW Bush. CIA the principal vehicle.
    If Russia destroyed the US embassy in Kiev, would this cut off the Head of the Snake? First, Russia should break diplomatic relations with the US, and remind the world that the US has already launched the first attacks against Russia. Is the portent ominous, or would the US go to the
    bargaining table?

  5. MMLJ says:

    The mercenary from Illinois should run for political office after he’s finished in Ukraine. It appeared to me that the US politicians supported the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected president during the 2014 winter Olympics. Thumbs down to that. Another chapter in continuing thegreateststorynevertold dot tv

  6. john says:

    Sounds like a typical wannabe.
    He wants to be something but never works for it.
    His mannerism is of a boy who is bored but never wanted for any real need nor do real work.
    We have several reality shows of people just like him.

  7. Ironwolf says:

    I am an American and I would fight the russians if i wasnt so dam old. My ancestors fought the russians, the nazia and then the russians again. What many dont seem to understand is that the russians are using the nazi play book and are acting like the nazis of ww2 all the while accusing everyone else of being nazis. Very clever deception and the ignorant are eating it up. Well, Id rather be a fascist than a commie any day. BTW – English Russia – how about that coverage of demonstrations in Moscow ? Has it been forbidden ?

  8. Ironwolf says:

    Fascist movements shared certain common features, including the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and an emphasis on ultranationalism and militarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation,[6][9][10][11] and it asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations

    Wow, sounds like 2014 russia to me – Your welcome for the vocabulary lesson

  9. Ironwolf says:

    Read some history; what is happening in russia today strongly parallels the rise of nazi germany pre ww2. You are witnessing the rise of a russian hitler 2.0 and a) are blind or b) willfully ignorant. Well when this is all over you can look back and compare yourselves to all those that were swept up in hitler’s propoganda and rhetoric and supported his madness. Way to go russia !

  10. NotRussian says:

    Your comments are absurd. Has anyone asked Ukrainians from other cities how they feel about this? Such as people from Odessa and alike? If you go and talk to people there, they will tell you that nobody wants to be part of Russia nor do they hate Russia. They simply don’t see any benefit in it. It funny how you can call someone nazi because they feel patriotic about their country and don’t want Russia to take over their land…like they did in Crimea. Hey Andy, with your mentality you should be labeled as a Nazi too. Why don’t you move to another country perhaps since you are so unhappy with US.

  11. NotRussian says:

    Ironwolf, I am glad to see someone with common sense rather then propaganda fed sheep such as Andy and MMLJ.

  12. Ironwolf says:

    Well said NotRussian. If they are unhappy in the US, Ukraine or wherever, they are free to move back to russia. But they don’t. They would rather stir up shit in someone else’s nation. To take it one step further, these large populations of russians in ukraine, baltics etc are nothing but the descendants of the original soviet occupiers. They killed and or shipped off to Siberia the millions of non russians in their homelands and replaced them with russians from the east. Now they think they did not nothing wrong, no one has a problem with it and they are the rightful claimants to those lands. Wrong. You are now guests in those nations – act like it or get out !!

  13. Ricky says:

    That guy is not from Alabama. He is likely from Illinois, probably Alexander County.

  14. bob1 says:

    The new Ukraine government is fake ! Isis is fake !……all made up by the U.S.A. to reach their goals.One minute the U.S.A is trying to overthrow the Syrian government….next its the “rebels”…….and retards believe what they are told at the time. All the uprisings lately are “West ” backed plots………read people ! research a year back…..the truth always comes out….they write books about it…….

  15. bob1 says:

    If Russia would have said… “No ! There will not be any armed conflicts near Russian borders…we will occupy Ukraine with extreme military force to protect its democratically elected government and its citizens from violence !……any outside interference from foreign governments shall be considered as an act of war against the sovereign state of Ukraine, which will be protected by Russia !”

  16. Stary Wylk says:

    Bob1; your last comment was too subtle for most of your opponents to understand.

  17. David says:

    Just want to tell Russians – you are not alone! I live in New York – many American people believe in Russia and Russian people and we are ashamed of our government’s foreign policy especially with regards to Ukraine. Be strong! Ukrainian government now is just a bunch of pawns installed by Obama. We are supporting your fight!. I can only contribute financially unfortunately.

    • Ironwolf says:

      What world are you living in? The American people dont give a shit about what is going on in Ukraine or Russia. Nobody is embarrassed or even talking about this. Maybe some russian immigrants do but that’s about it. All the focus is on Irag and ISIS. Nice try at distorting the facts.

      • David says:

        Not true, we have discussions about it at work almost every week. In US everyday people are more aware of what is going on in in that part of world than you think. Just by looking at mainstream press coverage, TV, etc you cannot judge about what people really care about. There is only one guy from Latvia or Polland (I think) works here so it is not “just immigrants” who care what is going on.

  18. Strelok says:

    Meh it’s nothing new. You will find western mercenaries fighting in every conflict, and every bush war around the world.

  19. Yo says:

    He is not american.

  20. 765757 says:

    The Russians or Americans «fighting» in «Ukraine» are cryptoJews. Ukrainians and other peoples are also cryptoJews. Any name of any nationality is only terminology. All terminology is jewish.
    The war in Ukraine is not a real war. It’s a play – circus show like any other.

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