34 Power Plant Destroyed, Million People Left Powerless

Power Plant Destroyed, Million People Left Powerless

Posted on September 17, 2014 by tim



Meanwhile, it has been reported that a few hours ago a major power plant was destroyed in Lughansk, Ukraine, leaving over one million people around it without power. They have not yet said if power will be restored in the near future. There are two versions of what happened – some say it was shelled by rocket systems, others say there were mines set earlier and they were activated now. Anyway, this is pretty disturbing. Some more photos are inside.










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34 Responses to “Power Plant Destroyed, Million People Left Powerless”

  1. Andy says:

    Is this World War 2 1/2? Seems like it. The Soviets won the war against Nazi Germany, but now the new US-installed neo=nazi regime in Kiev is alive and well, swimming in US dollars. Perhaps Russians should be attacking Kiev, not Lugansk., and her army should move all the way to the Moldava border?

    • Ed says:

      There is no neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.
      Kiev has elected democratic government.
      There is a fascist dictatorial regime in Moscow.
      Perhaps Russians should be attacking Washington if they hate Americans so much. May be Russians are afraid to
      do so. Russian army is good only agains weak neighbors.

      • Froggy says:

        Sure Ed … you’r right …

        and maybe the CIA funded Azov Battalion that has spear-headed Kiev’s repression in the Dombass is made-up of nice peaceful democracy lovers ?

      • Ironwolf says:

        No Ed, you are correct. These fools only believe what lord putin tells them. They have created this fantasy where everyone that is against russia is a nazi. They are too arrogant and self unaware to realize that they are hated because of all the misery and pain they have caused their neighbors for the last 100+ years. They are incapable of leaving other independent countries alone and allowing them to determine their own future without their interference.

        • Ironwolf says:

          Queue the Iraq and Afghanistan arguments.

        • TFIA says:

          Hmmmmm. Sounds like the good ol’ USA to me…



          Iraq 1…

          Iraq 2…


          And so on, ad infinitum as the World Police (aka the USA) sticks it’s nose in everywhere it’s not wanted, especially anywhere that threatens to alter the status quo they have fought so hard for for 60 years to control.

        • Froggy says:

          The point is that Ukraine was never allowed to determine its own future without interference.

          The direction of the future of Ukraine was decided & bought long time ago by the USA at a cost of USD 5 billions as US Secretary for European & Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, admitted herself …

          • Oli says:

            Hmmmmm. Sounds like the good ol’ Russia to me…
            Chechnya 1…
            Chechnya 2…
            (whos next?)…

          • Ironwolf says:

            Ill give you Iraq 1 and 2 which was all about controlling oil. Korea and Vietnam were about creating a presence in the far east/ creating bases and stopping the communists from over running asia. Not unlike russias desire to have access to strategic ports around the world, ie Crimea, Baltics.

            Afghanistan: Really ? That was in direct response and revenge for 9/11. No apologies for that. Russia also invaded Afghanistan.

            • TFIA says:

              I have missed a lot though…. Panama, Bay of Pigs, Nicaragua, a few African nations, Laos and Cambodia… and so on. Nearly all were done to install a government “acceptable” to the United States.

              And then, the US and NATO contravene and violate EVERY SINGLE agreement and legislation signed by Gorbachev and Reagan. NATO begins its massive expansionism, despite what they agreed under the convention NOT to do. US installs air bases and military bases all throughout Europe, especially in the small nations (of course, toted as defence) who need money that comes with this occupation more than protection.

              NATO/US pushes for a presence in Ukraine (of course, on the grounds of “protection” again). NATO wants Sevastopol (in the Crimea in case you missed it) so as to have an effective Black Sea fleet (the US tried coming to Sevastopol and were dramatically ejected by the locals). Of course, Russia, which had shared Sevastopol with the Ukraine Navy got a trifle upset over NATO/US aggressive desire for the Crimea (plus, there is oil in the Crimea and Donbass areas… funny that). And so on…

              Also, regarding Crimea, everyone continually says Russia invaded. That is pure BS. Russia was ASKED to come in by the DEMOCRATICALLY elected government – pro-Russian Government – which of course was highly objectionable to the plans of NATO and US. For a history of Crimea, do some reading. The Crimea actually self-voted for an Autonomous Region from Ukraine in the 1990’s. They succeeded before Ukraine decided they didn’t like it, rewrote the Ukraine (and Crimea) constitution 1 year after the independent (pro-Russian) government came to office, decreeing that Crimea could NOT cede from Ukraine etc. Look it up! yes, the West really conveniently forgets to tell how Ukraine rewrote constitution to stop Crimea deciding it’s DESIRED future. Almost 20 years later, the Crimean people got what they wanted! Crimea was NOT taken over by Russia. The Crimeas ELECTED to seperate from a destitute, corrupt and failing Ukraine (despite the US injecting well over $5 billion into Ukraine, and another $1 Billion earlier this year – the highest foreign debt to the USA – wonder why??????????)

              Who started this whole BS fiasco? Europe (via what remains of NATO) and the USA. They want to have a military presence on the border with Russia. The whole damned situation – just as Putin also suggested – is a ruse to make the occupation of Ukraine “acceptable” to the world. I am not ruling out MH17 being a deliberate “tear jerker” by THAT side either – done it before, they will do it again.

              Now USA feels they have bitten off more than they can chew with Russia, so scurry away to again attack Iraq ‘terrorism”.

              surprisingly, I am not a Putin-phile. I am just aperson who can actually see the reality of the situation, as it seems a LOT of people can. All the chest thumping by Obama and his European crones seems to have worn off the populace, even it seems a very large percentage of Americans who are tired of the continual militaristic endeavours of the US.

              Now that Sino-Russian allegiances are strong again (and Russia will divert all the gas that Europe wanted now to China) you have a VERY VERY large military pact, and one OVER-BRIMMING with nuclear deterrents.

              Just let the pro-Russian regions of Ukraine seperate from the destitute Kiev, and let Kiev run itself. The ONLY reason Ukraine want to control Luhansk, Donbass, Crimea is because of the oil and gas (money for a totally bankrupt country) and military reasons.

              • CZenda says:

                I bet Russian media are silent about the fact that EU is already getting ready for the situation when Putler decides to sacrifice Russian Joe Average´s well-being for good and use gas supplies as a tool of blackmail, huh?
                Nor do they fanfare the fact that rouble hit its all-time low last week, huh?
                Or that foreign investors are running like hell from the country?
                That Russian tourists did not feel welcome in foreign countries this summer?

  2. Darkness99 says:

    It’s in a town of Schastye. The commander of the so called “Aidar battalion” (the progovernment ultranationalist paramilitaries), occupying Schastye, used to say in the beginning of September that they have installed explosives in this major power plant, supplying most of Lugansk region with electricity. Now they seem to finally blow it up. Here is the photo of unexploded shells and heavy MLRS BM-27 cluster rockets remains, found at another burned down power plant in Nikolayevka earlier http://img.ura.dn.ua/0000158815-f3ff7b1a-db16fe60-4-1.jpg

    Way to go, Ukraine & EU

  3. Rob Normann says:

    I have read a lot of accusations that the Russians have done a lot of bad things in Ukraine. Not one single tiny evidence I have seen. But I have seen a lot of evidence that the “washingtoners” play a dirty game and blame Russia for everything.

  4. Ironwolf says:

    It’s only a mystery to russians why so many hate them and want nothing to do with russia. BTW – soviets didnt win shit against the nazis. They signed a non aggression pact in hopes of carving up europe for between themselves. Youve been lied to. Learn your history you brain washed fools

    • TFIA says:

      I can’t believe you are serious, or seem to be. Soviets fought all the way to the centre of Berlin. Kicked Nazi zhopa after the Germans failed to blitzkrieg the Soviet Union (except walking all over Ukraine – no surprise there) Stalin signed that pact-PRE-WW2 until Hitler changed his mind and attacked the USSR, changing that situation irrevocably. That pact failed to exist after 22 June 1941 – look up Operation Barbarossa Mr. Rubbersheep.

      I think you will find it more an ignorant mystery to Americans why so many hate Americans.

      • Ironwolf says:

        The fact still remains Hitler and Stalin DID sign a pact. The main reason Moscow doesnt speak German today is the russian winter and the fact that the german forces moved too far ahead of their supply lines, too quickly thus eventually cutting themselves off from. Learn your military history fools. My question to you is why didnt russia pull back to their borders once Hitler was defeated ? Why did they feel entitled to take over and occupy most independant eastern european countries ? Why does the new ussr of today feel entitled to lay claim to previously occupied countries that historically have been independant ? The Baltics, Poland, Hungary etc.. etc.. so spare me the innocent russia nonsense. Russia has done many bad things to many people and countries and has never admitted or taken responsibility for it. In the 2000’s it seemed russia was becoming a modern, powerful, trustworthy and respected member of the world community. This Ukraine business, and subsequent rhetoric about re-occupying parts of eastern europe has flushed all that down the toilet. It has exposed what it really still is. You accuse the west of being fascist nazis, however, you are acting the same way. Instead of German Nazis the world now has Russian nazis. Please tell me Im wrong. Ive seen the russian nationalist rallies with the hammer and sickle banners and the yearning of many to return to the “glory days”, with my own eyes and ears – not the western media. Ive seen the attempted provocations in other countries by russian speakers (not just Ukraine) – cars painted with soviet symbols – banners – “You’re Next”, “Latvia belongs to Russia”, “Lithuania you are next” etc. etc. Tell me Im wrong / LIES ?? This is not from media – this I witnessed WITH MY OWN EYES while travelling in those countries this passed summer.

        • Aurel says:


          The Soviet Union didn’t simply win the war because of a “Russian Winter”. Even Churchill, sworn frenemy of Stalin, noted the Red Army “tore the guts out of the German Army” – so your rose-tinted perspective, is…ermmm…a little rose-tinted.

          You’ve mentioned an interesting personal anecdote about “provocations” by Russian speakers. I cannot tell you whether you are lying or not (after all, you may well be just another paid internet shill), but I can tell you a little about certain mentalities prevalent in eastern Europe. When visiting Poland, I’ve heard a lot of sentiment from Poles about “recovering” Ukraine’s Lviv and the Volyn regions (they didn’t say much about the region’s current inhabitants). In Hungary, there are people who speak of a pre-Trianon union of Hungarians stretching from Transylvania to southern Slovakia. Romanians lament lost territories in Moldova and Budjak. Serbs remember Bosnia and Greeks complain about southern Albania. See a pattern here? Eastern Europe is an ethnic time bomb. Revanchism and irridentism is found in most of the countries there, and turmoil has mainly been prevented by equal treatment of minorities. However, Ukraine is on a league of its own. The Russian speakers asked for federalism, and tanks were sent in reply. There are entire Nazi batallions (we just need to read our own press reports about Aidar and Azov) sent to kill with inpunity. Now, you tell, me – if it walks like a Nazi, talks like one, what is it?

          Finally, I’d like to draw attention to the cause of the Hungarians and Ruthene/Rusyn minority of Zakarpatiye. Why are they seeking an exit from Ukraine if everything was fine-and-dandy for minorities?

          To summarise, we witness certain things, but choose to close our eyes to others. The true essence of humanity has always been hypocrisy, and you and I are no exception.

          • CZenda says:

            Comrade Aurel:
            Churchill was speaking about 1944, not 1941 (USSR was still enthusiastically supporting Dolfi´s war against UK in 1941 via raw materials/fuel supplies).
            I am sure certain Ruthenians/Rusyns would definitely prefer to exchange their Ukrainian passports for those of Hungary or Romania (and thus become EU citizens with freedom of movement/employment within Schengen).
            A joke which popped to my mind:
            During 90s, Germany allowed the return of ethnic Germans from the territory of former USSR. The joke running through Germany at the time was:
            “OK, but what proof you need to show the authorities that you are an ethnic German?”
            “It is enough to own a German Shepherd.”

  5. Ironwolf says:

    The hammer and sickle that is the banner of this site is just as offensive as the swastika to millions of people.

    • TFIA says:

      Indeed, just as the Star Spangled Banner is just as offensive for millions worldwide

      • Ironwolf says:

        Right, like muslim terrorists, North Korea, Syria,, Libya etc etc. Although, we are hated for different reasons. That’s ok – we do the beast we can. We never systematically exiled millions to death camps, concentration camps and gulags, comrade TFIA. We never conquered, occupied and incorporated independant countries into the US.

  6. Putin says:

    Nobody cares about this made up nazi bullshit. Ukrainians just defend their country against invasion, i wish them strength.

    • Froggy says:

      Same here . I wish the best & feel sorry for the Ukrainians citizens stuck between the US & Russia …

      Their leaders in Kiev are already obeying Washington’s orders and soon their country will be owned by the IMF …

      Sad way to go & awful end of the road for a dream of Independence …

  7. Stalin was angel says:

    A big Orwells party here again. Trollarmy here i come!

  8. Free Man says:

    TerororuSSians go home!!! Putler=Hitler

  9. Ironwolf says:

    Why cant’ we all just get along ? Put the past behind us and move forward. The current posture and rhetoric coming out of russia, wreaks of a desire to return to the past. That is troubling and only opens old wounds which will fester until the bloodletting is done.

  10. Taneli Kanko says:

    This is becoming really weird… Good bye Russia, You are soon living in USSR type of prison. Why your leader are always loosing their mind?

  11. ironwolf11 says:

    There are some reports where they may disconnect from world wide- internet. Have fun with that. Virtual prison. Just wait until they instate travel restrictions to citizens. Just wait, it’s coming

  12. Tutan Camon says:

    NICE!!!!!!!WONDERFUL!!!!!Viva la guerra!!!!!Viva la revolucion!!!!Is good for people!!!Russians and ukraineans!!!!Feed the war!!!!Go on morons!!!!!

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