9 A Politician in a Trash Bin (Literary)

A Politician in a Trash Bin (Literary)

Posted on September 16, 2014 by tim


As things getting more and more hectic in Ukraine here is the today’s video when the mob of angry people throws a nicely dressed in suit and tie politician into a real life trash bin and keeping him there for some time. I am especially amused by a few police men standing just there and not trying to rescue the authority.

See inside:



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9 Responses to “A Politician in a Trash Bin (Literary)”

  1. Alain says:

    I’m not for this kind of behavior, but one must admit that if that would happen more often, politicians would be less rotten. And that’s worth for all countries…

  2. petrohof says:

    well we especially need to do that and worse in US

  3. Erik Johnson says:

    If we just did that for lying … what
    changes would there be .

  4. Rob Normann says:

    Its a pity the ones that deserves it most can walk freely on this planet. Id like to see some of the washingtoners get thrown in the bin and worse.

  5. Alain says:

    Georges W. Bush deserves definitely this, and more : the ICC. All along with Putin and Sarkozy…

    • froggy says:

      Francois Holland actually do belong to the bin and could make room for Sarkozy

      • Alain says:

        Hollande has not attacked a foreign country (Libya for Sarkozy) on groundless reasons… On 16/8 on RFI there was a VERY interesting program about Libya and France :)

        For this only reason has Sarkozy his place in the ICC (Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine for Putin, Iraq and Libya – to say the least – for Bush)…

        Regarding the bin and Hollande, let’s wait until 2017. He may very well deserve his place. Or maybe not. Nobody knows for sure, except that presidential elections are played in the last six months before them…

  6. German says:

    That’s where they all belong.

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