11 Homeless Monkeys in Lugansk

Homeless Monkeys in Lugansk

Posted on September 13, 2014 by tim


Remember the airport of Lugansk that was utterly destroyed as a result of war?  We called it “Crazy War Aftermath” at that time. But here is one more report from that city, Lugansk. After an airstrike destroyed some place where monkeys were, they were forced out on the streets and now wander around. It’s good it’s still summer over there and the temperature is warm and there are plenty of greens around, however it should be snowing soon, where will these creatures go? There is one more photo inside:



An addition to the existing stray dogs and cats in the city, forgotten by the people who fled the town in panic.



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11 Responses to “Homeless Monkeys in Lugansk”

  1. Alain says:

    Poor monkeys. They would not have lost their home, had the Russians not invaded the country…

    • Robert says:

      I thought it was the US which invaded Ukraine with bribery six months ago, installing its puppet regime, and is now paying US goons like Blackwater, and the Right Sector to attack Russians in Lugansk and Donetsk. If anything, Putin should have acted against the USA much sooner, and with more force. Isn’t the US-installed regime in Kiev still stealing Russian gas? Just curious.

      • Alain says:

        Very happy to see that you acknowledge that Russian (soldiers, to be precise) are in Lugansk and Donetsk. That would be nice that you dig a bit and explain what are Russian (soldiers) doing in a foreign country, while Russia has not declared war to the aforementioned country. It seems that the publication of numerous Russian passports found on the war field is bringing light to the feebleminded :)

        Beside this, I’d be glad that you show me any American soldier, in duty, working for the Ukrainian army.

        And, for your enlightenment, as Russia does not deliver any more gas to Ukraine, it would be difficult for them to steal it (even more pay for it…)

        US-installed : does it mean that the US have paid the majority of Ukrainians to vote for a “puppet” ? While all international vote-controlling associations have acknowledged that there was no cheating in the voting ? Is “puppet” a synonym of “not controlled by the Kremlin” ? Of course, the same associations would have loved to control the so-called “referendums” of DNR and LNR, to check for any cheating. Unfortunately, it has been impossible. Seemingly because LNR and DNR did not allow it. Why so ???

      • Mykhailo says:

        I agree US caused all the destruction and death. Staging the overthrow during 2014 winter Olympics was bad.

        • Alain says:

          Funny to say that US caused all the destruction and death. They are driving and operating Russian material ? They all learned Russian and live in Russia ? They annexed Crimea ? They forced all Ukrainian to vote ? Twice ? They brought havoc in Western and Southern Ukraine ?

          • Dave says:

            Ukraine tanks were bought from Russia dumbass. They look, and AE exactly the same units.

            Check out the LA times newspaper page were the Crimea wanted indepndance in 1994. and then look what bato did in 1998 in serbia.. then look at how the current president was installed after a military coup.. then tell me what Russia has done about it? nothing more than supply arms to people who were sick of the UA governent.

            Get your facts straight and research it properly. how can you honestly believe western media.. are you all the stupid? at least we know when the Russian government is lying… you however are to stupid to relise.

        • Mykhailo says:

          Maybe you visit Donetsk and ask people these questions. Talk to the men.

  2. Vijay says:

    Unless someone gives them shelter in winter, these will die of Cold. But this death is part of nature.

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