7 Building Floating Bridges for Army

Building Floating Bridges for Army

Posted on September 12, 2014 by tim

Sometimes an army comes to a river that they have to cross, and the bridges are unavailable or are already destroyed. So here come the pontoon builders – army engineers that can quickly build a bridge to move the forces from one river bank to the other. We have some photos of how these bridges are being set up and put into action thanks to Yaroslav. See inside for the show.


Lots of locals came for the show, too. That’s a sort of magic  – here you stand on the river and can’t cross onto the other side. Then those special machines build something and voila – you are able to cross the river, so it looks like the whole village came to see this trick in action.

Those are called “pontoon-bridge-vehicles”.  Arriving and deploying.

Then they enter the water.


The bridge is beginning to be built.

Support helicopters cover the operation.

When the bridge is ready, tanks can cross the river.

And this is an army scooter. It goes as fast as 120 km/h on the water.

The local Army music band performs on the already deployed bridge.  


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7 Responses to “Building Floating Bridges for Army”

  1. Ed says:

    Russia has nothing to offer to the world but her army.
    There are no news about any events in Russia which are not militaristic.

    • Soviet Samurai says:

      You probably mean it has nothing to offer USA. Was the Ukranian and Russian blood sacrifice not enough to please your warlord Obama? Should we spill just a little bit more slavic blood to quench your thirst? Maybe we can start producing slavic blood Ketchup for the poor hungry people of America.

      • ed says:

        Yes, all kechup in the US is made of Russian blood and all hamburgers are made with bloody meat of Russian children.

        PS. Russians are not slavs they are mixture of Chinese, Mongols.

    • rostit says:

      some people on look for the things they want to see.

    • Free Man says:

      they can offer vodka as well. that’s all what most of ruSSians need

  2. alsm74 says:

    Ed, your country business is:
    1)Attacking other countries.
    2)Making coups or “revolutions” to nstall puppet regimes
    3)Organizing world wars to help their own economy.
    So you just grinding your teeth, because you can not bomb us like Iraq.

    We know what is american democracy. Your scam army have already occupied part of Russia in 1918-1920.

    One American (from Red cross) described the situation: “I swear to God, I am not exaggerating! … In Siberia, the horror and death at every step on a scale that would have shocked the most callous heart… “

    • Free Man says:

      Can u give examples of countries USA have occupied? ruSSia occupied a lot of countries and now they want part of Ukraine. Have u tried to whatch tv, but not putinoid tv? Try some Arabian, Chinese tv chanels, or u think that the whole word is lying, but putinoid tv shows truth?

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