6 Army Support on the Move

Army Support on the Move

Posted on September 7, 2014 by tim


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6 Responses to “Army Support on the Move”

  1. Rob Normann says:

    I knew it. Russia has an army. Now USA, EU, NATO must throw sanctions at Russia and supply weapons and bombs to the hungry and suffering Kiev junta.

    • Edgar says:

      There is no junta in Kiev, actually. There is a dictator in Moscow and this is his soldiers, aka “green gentlemen”.
      They are very good at fighting against small armies of weak and poor neighbor countries.

      • bob says:

        The dictator is in Washington D.C. and can get away with anything that he wants.The Ukraine had a government and the “West” overthrew it !

    • putin is criminal says:

      paszoł won, ruskij szpion!

  2. to bob says:

    Ukraine had a government? What kind of drugs you are using bob?

    • Stephen says:

      Ukraine’s new government have create a bad situation: problems in the economy, the internal war, the death of people (soldiers and civilians) and a lot of refugees to the other countries – it’s a tragedy for many years. And CNN talking about huge loans will need to return. for the country which hasn’t rich mineral needed to make money different ways, and restore the economy. And then there is corruption of the government. I grieve to the Ukrainians, but they have lost their freedom. I heard earlier, that the old President of Ukraine is stealing – but now the situation is even worse, the government of poor countries always steal.

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