41 War Comes to another Major City

War Comes to another Major City

Posted on September 4, 2014 by tim



Those are “Czech hedgehogs” or anti-tank hedgehogs – obstacles used to stop the tanks, mainly deployed during World War 2. Now, 70 years later, a few generations of people were born who have seen those only on the photos or in the old movies. However, those are reality now again in Ukraine. This is a fresh photo from around the city of Mariupol which is told to be attacked tonight by the approaching army. The hedgehogs has been deployed and tens of thousands of people try to flee the city. There are a few of fresh videos of missiles, anti tank hedgehogs and people fleeing the cities inside:

On this video as they say columns of people trying to flee from the “soon-to-be-doomed” (as many consider) city. For the past few days endless traffic jams on the exits from the city were formed.

And on another video you can see those or similar anti-tank hedgehogs from the photo above, and the rocket launchers attack on the field next to them as the forces approach the city:

Those flashes on the screen are the missiles fired from truck mounted missile complexes landing in the field. Scary thing. And here is an example of one the commanders who approaches the city and the GRAD missiles they own (just wait a little for a demonstration):

Probably the only thing to say here is stay safe people of Mariupol.

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41 Responses to “War Comes to another Major City”

  1. Alain says:

    Until the Russian army attacked, Mariupol was safe and quiet. Everybody could speak Russian without any problem or any fear. Russian army, stay in Russia and everybody will be safe…

    • Bob says:

      You’re a willfully ignorant fool.

      Russia didn’t start this conflict, moron.

      • Jacob says:

        Russian didn’t start it? Please. How much did Putin pay you to say this?

        • froggy says:

          If the US had not spend 5 billions USD for illegal regime change in Ukraine as US Dpt Secretary Victoria Nuland herself admitted …

          If John Brennan CIA director had not started the “anti-terrorist” war in the Dombass…

          Putin does not need to pay anybody to say the truth, the Americans admit it publicly themselves !!

    • Zonda says:

      Damn right! Seems like times of ’39 – ’40 are back.

    • Froggy says:

      Alain, Stop spreading Nato’s lies : If proof existed of the Russian army attacking Mariupol it would be on all front pages .

      BTW if Ukrainian own prime minister Yatsenyuk had not wanted to ban the use of Russian language, Russian minorities would not have raise against the neo-Nazi in Kiev…

    • ghost says:

      boy…if the Russian army would invade Ukraine the battle by now would not be in Mariupol but in Lviv…suck it up…people in the east have enough of this Ukr-madness

    • Darkness99 says:

      So, you managed to find the Russian army in Ukraine? Pls, share this secret data with the EU and Pentagon experts, they have been looking for Russian troops for 3 months now =)

      • Darius says:

        No need to search for them, as they by them self post photos with geo tags on social networks (even after strict order no to do so). The special forces units do not do it, but they have there also the more regular units, which are not so disciplined. There are just a few articles about this in English, but there are many more in Russian. Also there are many articles in Russian about secret burials of Russian solders (or volunteers that came to help to fight on the rebels side) like for example the 76 Pskov paratrooper division story.
        In general about the Russian army activities there – they remove the Russian army markings from the vehicles, and dress up like the rebels. Also there was a complete reverse of the military initiative in the last week. Ukrainians have suddenly lost a lot of territory that they had under control a few weeks ago. Also do you think one buys in a local supermarket the antiaircraft missiles, armored vehicles, tanks, anti tank rockets, mortars and so on? And also where do the rebels get the skilled people to direct fire, to drive the tanks and so on?

  2. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Putin cannot win this in the long run. His actions will force NATO to station troops in the Baltic republics. In addition, economic sanctions will increase. Put the screws hard enough on Putin’s friends and they won’t be happy at all. Eventually Ukraine will engage in asymmetric warfare against Russia and maybe join NATO, as well. Bet the Ukraine is very sorry they gave up all their nukes in exchange for Russian promises of guaranteed borders 20 years ago.

    • Bob says:

      Otis, you’re a smart man but you’re absolutely wrong on this one – your Russophobia is showing.

      You have this conflict @ssbackwards and are willfully blind to the truth. The last thing Russia needs is conflict on it borders (ukraina means borderlands) and the people getting killed in Donbass are ethnic Russians.

      If that were Americans getting killed the US would have razed Kiev by now.

      Take your Russophobic blinders off. The sh1t disturber here is the USG, the American government – the #1 killer of foreigners (directly and indirectly) since WWII. If you have evidence to the contrary please post.

    • Bob says:

      Otis, swallow the difficult truth:

      by Sheldon Richman

      “…They could start by embracing this observation by John Mearsheimer, the distinguished foreign-policy scholar at the University of Chicago:

      According to the prevailing wisdom in the West, the Ukraine crisis can be blamed almost entirely on Russian aggression. Russian President Vladimir Putin, the argument goes, annexed Crimea out of a long-standing desire to resuscitate the Soviet empire, and he may eventually go after the rest of Ukraine, as well as other countries in eastern Europe.…

      But this account is wrong: the United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the crisis. The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West.”


    • Froggy says:

      The West had broken all promises of “Nato non-enlargement East” made to Gorbachev during the German reunification & started a policy of encirclement of Russia long before the current crisis.

      Georgia was the first “going too far” crisis, Ukraine is the 2nd big one.

      The same way the US could not tolerate Russian missiles in Cuba, Russia could not tolerate being kicked out of Crimea and its bases turn into Nato’s ones…

      You can’t constantly provoke someone and then be surprise if at one stage they start reacting…

      • mann says:

        I don’t even care about the long lasting political problems between USA, NATO and Russia.
        Russia is a Mafia country, full of criminals and poor, government corrupt as hell. Thats also the reason why there was an uprising in Ukraine — people were sick of corruption that was planted there since soviet times.
        No-one wants a country like Russia. — this is true even for the russians themselves, but majority are too blinded by the media that is telling them to be patriots (and meantime forget that you live in poverty). Smarter people are already fleed Russia (I know several whos reasons are exactly that). They still like russia, and russians, but not the government.

        Putin should focus on its own country, fix its problems, instead he wants to rule the world hoping that seizing another country will fix its inner problems. Kind of like travelling ants that pillage the land and then move on to the next.

        • Bob says:

          @mann, I agree with your first paragraph but your second paragraph is pure utter nonsense.

          Where the f*** did you get the idea that Putin want to rule the world???

          “hoping that seizing another country will fix its inner problems”???


          Get informed and THEN comment!

    • ghost says:

      with a bit of luck Ukraine in its current form is history by the end of the year…it is a failed socio-economic experiment and Crimeans and Donbass people are only the first to jump ship…mark my words…by January next year you see mass protests with Russian flags in Kiev…only the area west of Vynnitsa will remain “real” Ukraine as it always has been

    • Darkness99 says:

      Two questions
      a)NATO goes to Baltic NATO member-states, ok. And so what?
      b)How can Ukraine engage an asymmetric warfare against asymmetric guerilla rebels? Conduct terrorist acts on rebel-control territory, or something? They have done it already (some explosions and attempts to assassinate local Lugansk and Donetsk pro-separatist politicians were reported)

    • Darkness99 says:

      One more thing, one of Putin’s close friends, the speaker of Russian Parliament Sergei Naryshkin, is in the sanctions stop list, and is not allowed in EU. Although he doesn’t seem to care about that, as the man was spotted in Paris on the 1st-2nd of September =)

  3. Andy says:

    It is Kiev and the US embassy, the HQ of the “putsch” government, which should be attacked by Russia. Putin waited way too long – action should have started when the US installed it’s surrogate gov’t in Kiev.

    • Alain says:

      If a “putsch” government is a government which has not been accepted by the Kremlin, even if democratically elected, then, yes, it is a “putsch” government. And thanks to acknowledge the attack of Russia on Ukraine, and the absence of democracy in Russia, by the way…

      • Froggy says:

        “No democracy in Russia” ??

        That is priceless – Do you realise how hilarious your comment is coming from a Frenchmen ?

        Please do bear in mind the current president Francois Hollande clings to power and sabre rattles against both Syria & Russia with barely more than 10% approval, while Putin’s approval ratings soared to an all-time high of 87% ???

        Not sure it is intended but you are such a funny guy Alain .

  4. Bob says:

    Andy, taking Crimea was critical and a couple of hours before it was announced I was thinking this was a perfect time for Russia to take back Crimea, while the fascist backed revolutionaries were busy cleaning up Kiev after the COUP. Russia could not afford to have Crimea become a bargaining chip, a complication, after losing Ukraine for the second time since 2004.

    Taking Donbass was not in Russia’s interest – but had Russia taken Donbass 2,600 people would still be alive and MH17 would still be flying, and with the vitriol and foam generated against Russia since spring Russia might as well have taken Donbass.

    • Dan says:

      had Russia BACKED OFF and not spread lies and send special troops, money and weapons, nothing you mentioned would happen, and Ukraine would by now already be part of EU. If you dont understand russian, then it doesnt surprise me that you think there are no russian army in Ukraine. Go read news about funerals of Russian army men in Pskov region.

      • Jacob says:

        One problem with this argument. A good third to half of Ukraine want to speak Russian, be taught Russian, and they don’t want to be part of Ukraine, NATO, or EU. The truth is that neither crimea nor south-east Ukraine have been historically or culturally part of “ukraine” (the name was invented only in 19th century, and means “borderland” in Russian).

  5. dav says:

    US installed it’s surrogate gov’t in Kiev.
    LMAO: Guess you re watching to much State controlled Media. T 72 tanks have been spot in battle and guess what? Only Russia has them. Dare to say anything and you ll end up in Jail. Dare to Sing a song that Putin don’t like in church and away you go. It’s fun and game with Stalin seem to be alive and living in Putin. Really LMAO again because it seem that If some Russian Solders were to write that old time school Essay How I spent my Summer vacation: it’s in another country with there weapons and tank system according to Putin. . Russia to blame for the airline that got shot down. it’s a war to try to bring a back the Old USSR.

    • Bob says:

      You sure believe a lot of utter crap.

      You might want to inform yourself and disabuse of your ignorant russophobia before commenting.

  6. bat says:

    Fake Ukraine government !!! In this video( https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=B2YipesZRSA )looks like the fake Ukrainians were punished by God himself !!!

  7. ghost says:

    Mariupol will fall quickly…locals do not support the Junta and after the massacre on victory day people probably have enough of “Ukraine”…only a few ultranationalists from the Right Sector have dug in outside the city

    • Darius says:

      The Junta legend is still alive! Did you knew that the current parliament was the old legally elected parliament, which was the same parliament during Yanukowich (and older) times? And a big part of the parliament were from his party. Up until the recent days when the parliament was dismissed. If the current president not legal then why people went to elections to elect him? And while most of the old parliament (including the openly pro Russian politicians) are still in Kiev, but some key government people (like the president, attorney general – who BTW is also a Russian citizen, minister of taxes and other), have fled not to some other country, but to Russia. The minister of internal affairs for example fled to Belarus.

    • Dan says:

      Junta is DPR and LPR. But you are probably from FSB and you know that well. Just to silence your outright lie, here is a proof video of support from Mariupol people to their free country – Ukraine. Made 3 days ago by international reports.

  8. Mister Twister says:

    World War III? Took it long enough.

  9. allahwinwin says:

    lol @ russian peasants and their sypathizers for not having any clue how poor and weak and hopeless russia and their allies really are and how brainwashed you are due to lack of free media

  10. Otis R. Needleman says:

    Bob, I find your accusing me of “Russophobia” a joke. Have been studying Russia and the Soviet Union since at least 1980, and have served as associate dean of a school that taught the Russian language. The Russian people are a great people, who have survived things we in the West can scarcely conceive of. However, the Putin government is acting in typical Russian style vis-à-vis their western borders. If they cannot conquer a buffer zone outright Russia wants pliant neighbors, such as Belarus, or neighbors they can intimidate, as they are trying with Ukraine. Unfortunately such tactics won’t work with the Baltic countries since they are in NATO, and certain NATO members have highly combat-experienced militaries, with global reach. Even more unfortunately for the Putin government, their level of integration into the world economy allows Western sanctions to be effective. The West hasn’t applied all the sanctions they can. Long-term Russia cannot win. Extractive economies don’t compete well against diversified economies. Ukraine posed no threat to Russia before the Putin government’s aggressions. Ukraine poses no threat to Russia now. This is all Putin’s fault.

  11. Bob says:

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union: The U.S. and Nato Are Provoking the Ukrainian Crisis

    Encircling Russia and Arming Ukraine Are What’s Provoking the Bear

    Jack Matlock, U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to 1991, says that the U.S. and NATO are to blame for the Ukraine crisis:

    The fact is they are going to intervene until they are certain that there is no prospect of Ukraine becoming a member of NATO. And all of the threats by NATO and so on to sort of increase defenses elsewhere is simply provocative to the Russians. Now, I’m not saying that’s right, but I am saying that’s the way Russia is going to react. And frankly, this is all predictable. And those of us who helped negotiate the end of the Cold War almost unanimously said in the 1990s, “Do not expand NATO eastward. Find a different way to protect eastern Europe, a way that includes Russia. Otherwise, eventually there’s going to be a confrontation, because there is a red line, as far as any Russian government is concerned, when it comes to Ukraine and Georgia and other former republics of the Soviet Union.”


  12. goodmaninwest says:

    Hi Allah and Otis!
    Eat this: The Ukrainian government is nothing but a pathetic bunch of low class street fascists and neo Nazi groups and if you watched “Hard Talk” on BBC tonight you could see how insecure and pathetic Porochenko was specially when he was asked WHY he was using Right Sector and Neo Nazi Azov Battalion to fight his cause! Look at and google the Swedish neo Nazi named Mikael Skillt who is a good example for this issue!! In addition there seems to be a BIG Disney adventure and manipulating from Banana administration where they create fear in the west because V. Putin cannot sit and look at his own people being slaughtered by the fashists. Banana and his team together with other European small countrie’ politician are using this to have a political agenda to make themselves popular at home and save their seats in the leader chairs! What have you guys (gays!) done if your family and/or own people were slaughtered in your neighbor’s yard or country? Would you just sit and look??? This fear of the Russians coming for Europe is PURE bullshit! I have spoken to many REAL Ukrainian natives and they all tell me that they are ashamed of their new government with Porochenko, his Priminister, Svoboda, Bandera and Right Sector and they all want to leave their country because they don’t have any faith in their leaders!

  13. Udder says:

    Is this article available in English?

  14. goodmaninwest says:

    You are right, I don’t know all the facts, but I know so much that I can see that the Donbas people will never forget the massacres the fascists did to them and the only way out is to let them have their own area for full self control. Besides I can see that Putin has the full right to interfere and protect big populations of Russians even if it is in an other country. I would like to see any other leader in his situation. To be honest Putin has been VERY calm and generous until enough was enough.

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