3 Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up

Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up

Posted on September 4, 2014 by tim

Now this island “Belyi” (“White”) has the status of a national park, however since the 1930s it was continuously cluttered with the stuff that was brought here from the “Big Earth”. As the island is far to the North, inside of the polar circle, everything gets imported here, including fuel in large metal barrels and things like that. There is lots of stuff to clear up, and here come the volunteers. Actually, the volunteering culture is something pretty new for the country, however here they are. See what it was like to clean a polar island of things that had been brought there for years. Nice polar summer landscapes, fogs, grass and +10 degrees centigrade.

Yes, its around +10 all of the time in the summer there. You see those wooden roads? I guess they use them so as not to step on the occasional viper.

However, people say that the main danger is not snakes but white polar bears. They are the masters of the island. Local dogs try to keep them away of the living places however often this is not very effective.

150,00 square mteres of land were cleared of barrels and stuff.

See more photos below, some are pretty atmospheric.


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3 Responses to “Russian Arctic Island Gets Cleaned Up”

  1. qsdqsd says:

    Please authors, learn some English.

    • Joel B says:

      Someone(the author) on the other side of the planet(to me) is nice enough to share these interesting stories and pictures with the rest of the world and all you can come up with in response is, “Learn some English”? Really? That’s pretty ignorant and rude of you to say to someone who’s first language is probably not English. I think his English is pretty decent for someone who can speak more than 1 language.

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Joel, I absolutely agree what you’ve said , you hit the nail on the head.This qsdsd must be some dumb idiot with no education. And at this point a thanks to some very awesome pictures to the author , I would like to read more about the group and what they did .I think they could not clean up all the garbage and move it to recycling because it looks really remote.

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