21 More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine

More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine

Posted on September 3, 2014 by tim


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21 Responses to “More War Aftermath Shots from Ukraine”

  1. Waldemar Poutine says:

    And the pictures of the victorious 76th Pskov Division of the Russian Federation?

  2. ghost says:

    Ukraine lost in Donbass like Russia lost on 1996 in Grozny…you cannot fight against a motivated militia with unmotivated and badly managed troops

  3. Donald says:

    What are we looking at? Does the equipment and munitions come from the Ukrainian military, or the Russian military? Who destroyed it or left it behind? Ukrainian military, Russian military, or separatists?

    • Darius says:

      If you check carefully, some armored vehicles have Ukrainian flags on them. Also the ones with white stripes I have seen in pictures in units fighting on the Ukrainian side. There is one with a white bat on it. The bat insignia I have seen in some units coming from the Russian side. But it could be also a captured vehicle that now was used by Ukrainians.

    • ghost says:

      if it’s wrecked it is usually Ukrainian army…they don’t know how to fight and are not very motivated

  4. Tutan Camon says:

    Thanks Russia for peace…….

  5. Rob Normann says:

    It is a big tragedy what the Ukrainians does to their own people and country just to get a pat on the back from the americans. If it hadnt been for the calmness and wise deccitions from Russia it could have been a lot worse. God bless Vladimir the Great.

  6. Zaliukas says:

    You really all are a bunch of brainwashed putin worshiping fools. russia created this mess with their constant meddling and occupations in eastern europe for hundreds of years. Now you praise putin for bringing peace ? He is nothing but a clever liar. He is making a mockery of russia on the world stage. The whole civilized world sees it except you blind russian fools.

    • SSSR says:

      So both Russia and the United States are not perfect!The 2 giants on each side of planet Earth…!!

    • bob says:

      …I am not Russian ! and I can see clearly that the “West” overthrew a Russian friendly country and re
      -placed it with a Western puppet(fake) government…..now the Russians are the “rebels”????? Maybe one morning you will wake up and Isis will be running your government !….and as a terrorist(i.e.you)…..you will have to take it back!!! In my opinion, you do not burn your own house down to spite it..you build it stronger.Somebody “let the Fox(Western puppet government of the Ukraine) run the chicken house”(Ukraine and its people)…..they(Ukrainians) will be eaten!

  7. SSSR says:

    So both Russia and the United States are not perfect!The 2 giants on each side of planet Earth…!!

  8. bob says:

    The Ukraine government(former/true) was brought down by violence. The Russian government should provide military support for such nations in the future so that government operations are done without violence. The U.S.A. would not tolerate such violence against their officials……Imagine what would happen if the many Obama non-supporters were allowed to militarize ????………

  9. bob says:

    That wig ! They killed BOZO the clown! Now its getting personal towards the Americans !

    • bat says:

      …..could be the “Joker”. I see an armored bat-mobile.

    • CZenda says:

      No, it was Marty the Zebra on a mission to save Vitaly the Tiger abducted by KGB back to the Russia to be used as a tool of Putler´s propaganda.
      Beware, separatits – the penguins are on their way already!

  10. Mister Twister says:

    Good job not mentioning WHAT WAR IT WAS.

  11. Iskander says:

    You are morons, westerners do know nothing from your zombo-boxes what is right and wrong in south-east part of former ukrojunta state. Thanks to God Almighty, he mercifully sends soon the Mrs Winter and which will kill all ukr. nazis. Obama Must Die, this false pendos president in reality was born in Kenia, but not on u.s. territory. You yanks are worshiping wrong black god, who is performing a beastiality on you. Viva Novorossija!!!! Long Live Donbass. All compliments from Aoatearoa!!!

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