2 In the Large Russian Port

In the Large Russian Port

Posted on September 1, 2014 by team

The seaport of Novorossiysk is the largest in Russia and the fifth largest European port according to cargo turnover. It handles 20% of the general cargo volume exported and imported through Russian seaports. The port is situated in the north-east coast in a non-freezing Novorossiysk bay on the Black Sea.

Total area of the port is 238 hectares.

Bay panorama.

Total length of the waterfront amounts to fifteen kilometers and consists of 88 bays intended for different purposes.

The port provides a full range of services for handling liquid, bulk, mixed, and containerized types of cargo.

Cargo turnover of the Novorossiysk seaport amounted to 141 million tons in 2013.

Navigation in the port lasts all year around. The bay is available for vessels with a draft of up to nineteen meters.

Daily traffic flow to Novorossiysk station  – 800 cars (almost 300 thousand cars annually).
The station and the port exchange the necessary information and plan their work together.

Ships carrying mixed cargo come to the port most frequently. Permanent visitors in the port are vessels under Turkish and Maltese flags.

Less frequent guests are container ships, though their number keeps growing. The numbers of Ro-Ro ships is growing, too.

Bulk carriers come for mineral fertilizers and products of the iron and steel industry.

Big ocean-goers moor in the port, too.


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    Very educative, glad to see this set.

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    Neat pics! Thanks for sharing. Perfectionist’s Hell? very amusing. I have always wondered why the oil tankers have the overhanging “wings” on the sides of the cabin structure.

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