10 Soviet Mission In Afghanistan

Soviet Mission In Afghanistan

Afghanistan has always been a key to Asia and in all times it was becoming a center of geopolitical interests of different empires. For centures they made attempts to conquer Afghanistan, they located
communities and sent military advisers there. Thus, in 1979 it was the Soviet troops that entered the country. Pictures of that ten years lasting mission are presented below in the post.

1 Look, MiG Planes Are Burning!

Look, MiG Planes Are Burning!

Pictures from the international competition among air power flying crews "Aviadarts-2014" ("Air Darts"). On
the images they are hitting ground targets. Where else will you see how MiG planes are burning?

0 New 200 Meters High TV Tower

New 200 Meters High TV Tower

It took them only six months to build a new Krasnoyarsk TV tower in 2013, its height is 199,4 meters (including the lightning-rod). Such altitude allows to observe awesome views but being in the tower during its
operation is rather dangerous, that is why they arrange scheduled preventive maintenance quarterly. One of them gave a chance to gelio, the blogger, to take these interesting pictures of the city.
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47 Some Empty Shelves

Some Empty Shelves

A few days ago Russian government has posted a bill to ban import of different foods coming from Europe and US (also Australia and Canada). It was said that this ban would be active for one year long and its term can be changed at any time. What did they ban? Mostly all dairy and meat products out of these countries, also as I understood all fruit and vegetables are
forbidden to import too. People started already posting photos of empty shelves into their blogs and twitters and instagram accounts that are said to be meant display food connected photos in them. News reports says that the trucks full of foreign foods being turned away from the borders.  Some photos here from the shops I stumbled upon today:

1 Thai Boxing Couple From Belarus

Thai Boxing Couple From Belarus

Dmitry and Maria Valent are masters of Thai boxing and spouses. They have been married for
one year only but acquainted for more than nine years. They met during competitions.

6 Life in the Russian Countryside, Happy One

Life in the Russian Countryside, Happy One

Pictures from a modern Russian village don't have to be always gloomy. These ones, taken in Ushakovo village, for
example, portray the best we normally may imagine when think about joys and pleasures of life in a countryside.

2 Map of Russia Made of Amber

Map of Russia Made of Amber

There was already a wall-sized map of Russia made of gems posted here, and here is something else - Russia made of amber. There is a factory in Kaliningrad - which was a former Nazi Germany Amber factory and later was converted to Soviet Amber Factory and now it is a privately owned
Amber Factory and they came out with this project to make something of Amber to stress the fact that Russia has 90% of known amber deposits in the world. So according to the story they hired twelve artists to make this project happen in size of 4.5 square meters.

3 Russian Astrophysicists of 1960

Russian Astrophysicists of 1960

Here, the photos of Russian astrophysicists doing their jobs in Crimea lab in 1960. I find those pics pretty enchanting - the space science on verge of its golden era with so
many expectations and support, when only the bright minds could find their ways to the jobs like this working with such sophisticated equipment. Just look at them.
5 Gas Station Blew Up: Video

Gas Station Blew Up: Video

  If you ever wondered how does gas station blows up in real life and not in movies, then this is how. Real action starts after the first minute of this video. By the way
the gas station brand was "EXSON" (not Exxon). There are numerous fake names of the gas stations mocking world known brands in Dagestan, Russia, where this happened.

8 Guy Pulls 120 Ton Train Ahead

Guy Pulls 120 Ton Train Ahead

I am not sure how rare is this but here a guy from Vladivostok Russia pulls 120 ton (as reported) train with four train cars. Before that he already
tried to pull a 65 ton Airbus. I am not sure this can be measured like this - but how many horsepower is this effort worth of?  

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