3 Abandoned Facility For Nuclear Warheads

Abandoned Facility For Nuclear Warheads

Once, in the 1960s, the Soviet military forces chose a super beautiful northern locality and drilled a big hole in the mountain to
create a storage facility for nuclear warheads there. Today it belongs on the endless list of abandoned Soviet objects...
4 Life At Lake Baikal

Life At Lake Baikal

What kind of life is there on the Buryat shore of lake Baikal? Small villages, wooden houses, boats and sledges waiting for winter time. Talkative and friendly people who never hurry and who can handle fishing
tackle much better than cellphones or computers. Most of them are Russian. How do they make their living? By hunting, fishing, logging, selling stuff to tourists and renting houses to them.

0 New Life For the Previously Abandoned House of Culture

New Life For the Previously Abandoned House of Culture

These pictures, dated 2012, were taken in the House of Culture, belonging to a factory of artificial fiber named after V.V. Kuibyshev. It started to degrade in
the 90s and soon it required a lot of repairs and was abandoned. Today, after being resold, the house is getting restored to start its new life.

5 In the Cozy Felted World

In the Cozy Felted World

Irina Andreeva is a talented Russian master at making cool felted stuff. Things she creates are
always amazing. It's hard to believe, but the piano in the image above is full size!

1 Engineering Technologies of Russia

Engineering Technologies of Russia

More new and experimental, tried and tested and traditional equipment from the the third
international forum “Engineering Technologies” held in August 13-17th in Zhukovskiy (Moscow

3 Typical Russian Civil Defence Shelter

Typical Russian Civil Defence Shelter

What structures does Russia have to protect its people in warlike situations, and in case of nuclear attacks? Shelters can be different, can have a different size and capacity, can be placed under some
building or stand alone. Such shelters are built under research institutes, big factories, hospitals, schools, and in the yards of Stalin-era buildings. This is what they usually look like...

15 Armored Vehicles You Can Meet In Ukraine Today

Armored Vehicles You Can Meet In Ukraine Today

Today, Ukraine is becoming the place where one can meet the craziest designs of
armoured vehicles. They simply use everything they can find in their garages...
8 Watermelons for Homeless

Watermelons for Homeless

Now watermelons are in season in Russia and are pretty popular as a street selling food. The shop owners sometimes build such fenced storages right in the middle of the city to lock the fruit in overnight. The mesh fences don't allow the watermelons be stolen. At least this was their purpose. However, as
reported, homeless people have found their way to the sweet fruit: they use a knife to cut pieces of the fruit the exact same size as the squares in the mesh fence, then just pull it out and eat it. This way, watermelons get those red spots all over the storage. Some more pics are inside:

5 Look, They Have Caught a Piranha!

Look, They Have Caught a Piranha!

In Gomel, Belarus, one fisherman caught a real piranha in a local lake. A foam plastic ball was used as bait. It was a big surprise but a woman complained that she had been bitten in the lake by something...
Ichthyologists say the fish looks like a brown pacu from the piranha family. Its length may reach a meter and more, the fish has big strong teeth that resemble human ones, it eats plants and shell-fish.

0 Pripyat: Secondary School No 2

Pripyat: Secondary School No 2

Bells have not rung here for twenty eight years. Teachers and pupils do not come anymore, exercise books remain unchecked, the latest records in the class books are dated April 26, 1986. Despite the explosion of a reactor at the Chernobyl NPP, Saturday morning of April 26 was the same as all the previous
mornings. However, teachers gave iodine to the pupils and closed all the windows tight. Some schools cancelled classes and let pupils go home, and on the following day at 4 p.m. Pripyat became empty. Forever. One of Pripyat schools, school №2, is shown right here, in this post.

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