43 When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

The impact of a Soviet multiple launch rocket system BM-21
"Grad" can be really destructive. Just check it out.

7 Blind Shells of Donbass

Blind Shells of Donbass

Judging by numerous photos on social networks, the territory of Donbass, Ukraine, is awash with blind shells
today. Fortunately, they have not exploded yet but there is another acute problem - how to utilize them..

0 Moscow And Its Citizens In the 1960s

Moscow And Its Citizens In the 1960s

A set of wonderful pictures of Moscow in the 1960s taken by a prominent Soviet photojournalist
Dmitry N. Baltermants. See how dramatically different the Russian capital and its people were.

1 Promenade In the Abandoned City

Promenade In the Abandoned City

Right now you are invited for a walk along Sportivnaya
Street - one of the most famous streets in Pripyat.
5 More Haste, Less Speed

More Haste, Less Speed

Omsk, Russia. The driver of "Nissan" wanted so much to ovecome the
railway crossing but everybody knows - more haste, less speed...

3 Windmill Made of Scrap

Windmill Made of Scrap

This windmill resembles an awkward robot from an old science fiction story, its wide hands-blades either rotate or become immovable. The creator of the project, Moteyus Synkyavychus from Belarus, had estimated all technical characteristics of the
fifteen-meter windmill in his mind and made it from old auto parts. The power it produces is enough to provide illumination for his yard and shops, though he built it more for pleasure and entertainment, rather than for power supply.

1 Air Symphony of Turbojets

Air Symphony of Turbojets

Photos of a turbojet orchestra in the sky singing the air symphony over Yemelyanovo international airport in Krasnoyarsk. The
official version of what we see happening here - relocation of military equipment including tanks as part of a big drill.

1 Russian Museum of Vodka And Moonshine

Russian Museum of Vodka And Moonshine

Verkhniye Mandrogi (Leningrad region of Russia) is a village.. no, in fact it was a village where the last house had burnt back before the war, today it's actually a business project popular among
tourists who sail between Ladoga and Onega lakes. This place has a cool inn with very tasty panties and a museum of vodka whose pictures you may see right here, inside this post.
0 What is this at all?

What is this at all?

Would you like or even dare to drive one of those? I even didn't think something like this
can be possible on a highway and looks like its pretty street legal. Want one of those?

7 Wooden Shipbuilding Is Still Alive

Wooden Shipbuilding Is Still Alive

These are the pictures from the shipyard in Karelia where unique wood ships are still built. In fact the shipyard is unique too - there is no other place in Russia like this. Here they design and make wood cruising
sailboats, training sailboats, pleasure sail and motor boats, tourist and fishing boats, marine boats of YAL-2, YAL-4, YAL-6 types, recreational rowed and sailed boats, traditional Russian boats.

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