5 Stalins Personal Belongings

Stalins Personal Belongings

There is a museum in Moscow where personal things of Joseph Stalin can be seen. Mikhail has visited this place and here are some photos he made. Those are Stalin's coats. If you recall Stalin from the old photos or the documentaries or  even from the movies, looks like he was the fan of military style in his cloths and here are some real life pieces worn by him that survived till our time. Those are the: the
summer coat of USSR marshall (top notch military rank in Soviet country), overcoat, a civil grey jacket,  a white summer USSR Marshall summer kitel (jacket) probably the one or similar to the one he was on Yalta and Tehran summit photos. Also Stalin's personal earflaps hat and another Russian military hat. Even Stalin didn't want to get cold with his head. Here what's next:

3 Airborne Fountains 2014

Airborne Fountains 2014

A few days ago there was a NAVY Day, now on the second of August, there is an Airborne Troops Day. This day was famous in Soviet times and then in Modern Russia as the day when ex-airborne soldiers meet up
in the city, drink and celebrate it in their style. Fountains appear to be their main points of attraction and here is a report from a big golden fountain in Moscow during Airborne Day.

37 Army Meals 2014

Army Meals 2014

  One guy has posted his army daily meals online, instagram style, so we can now see too what is being served to a soldier. I am not sure what regiment he comes from, is the food the same all over the army? But anyways, here
we see breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you tell me if you find it yummy or yucky, healthy or not, if you could live on it or prefer to remain hungry. What about the meals is strange to your non-Russian eye?

9 Celebrities in Street Ads

Celebrities in Street Ads

If you are a small business owner - like a small shop keeper or you have a restaurant on a street corner, you will probably never be able to hire a world class celebrity to advertise for you. However, some people think that downloading a celebrity's photo from
the Internet and using it in their ads is pretty enough. Here are a few examples of how people use the faces of famous people in their small business ads in Russia. First ad with Harry Potter's face invites people to study english "easily".

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