53 Semi-dressed Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Forced to Jump

Semi-dressed Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Forced to Jump

Posted on August 31, 2014 by tim


After the soldiers of Ukrainian army “Donbass” regiment were captured they were reportedly forced to jump and shout “Those who don’t jump are the protectors of their homeland, those who jump are the ….(censored)”. Semi dressed. Video is inside.

Video is not available, sorry

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53 Responses to “Semi-dressed Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Forced to Jump”

  1. Alain says:

    Seemingly, Russian soldiers do not respect the Geneva convention…

    • Darkness 99 says:

      Jumping is horrible, much worse than thats happened in Abu-Graib and is happening in Guantanamo

    • ghost says:

      cough,cough…French-Algerian War…Geneva…cough

    • Tutan Camon says:

      When they respect something????Like monkeys…..

    • ae says:

      Do Killing of civilians or shelling of residental areas is under Geneva convention?

      Those Ukrainian Bastards Deserve only Bullet in their Heads!!!

      • Attila says:

        Dumbass, love Putin much?

        In Russia people live like we used to live in Hungary in the 80s, because Russia is so great and the great leader is awesome!

        There is nothing more gay than Putin half naked in the bushes!

    • MAXDMG says:

      How about ukrainian army? They killed captured defenders of Lugansk and Donetsk… They respect the Geneva convention?

      • Captain Sam says:

        How about Russia says people should not intervene in Syria because you must let the country fix its own problem and respect its borders, but Russia doesn’t apply it to Ukraine…Double Standards?

        • Froggy says:

          How about the USA & Europe says people should not in Syria bomb their own civilian population but the US & EEC doesn’t apply it to Ukraine… Double Standards ?

    • Froggy says:

      Jumping seems a bit trivial in comparaison of bombing civilian population, women & childreen alike, with outlawed weapons/ammunitions…

      Anyway, no doubt jumping will do a world of good to the fat one on the right :-)

      • Captain Sam says:

        Want to talk about the bombings of Grozny? Oh it’s fine because it’s Russia, right? How about the hundreds of thousands of civilians who died just so Russia could kill some terrorists? How about Litvinenko?

    • Mike says:

      It was ukrainian nazis who introduced their “Who is not jumping those is russian”, so everything’s fair – these soldiers are not russians and they’re jumping

  2. Muzzlehatch says:

    Better than beheading, I suppose….

  3. Otis R. Needleman says:

    The Russians are fools to treat prisoners this way. Can see the Ukraine eventually joining NATO. Then when a Russian incursion happens the Russians will be stopped cold.

    • Darkness 99 says:

      I too can not wait to see how a country with civil war, uncontrolled territories and the collapsed economy will join NATO =)

      And one more thing, why do you guys call rebels the Russian soldiers, 8 out of ten separatist are locals

    • ghost says:

      compare this to Abu Ghraib…then try again…other than that, take your pro-Nazi stance elsewhere

    • Bob says:

      Otis, NATO will do nothing because no one wants to be at the receiving at of a Russian nuke.

      But I hope you feel better.

    • MAXDMG says:

      Nato needs army that sponsored by sms?(real ukrainian commercials) I dont think so))))

  4. ghost says:

    lol…didn’t they sing during Maidan “who does not jump is a Moskal?”…now jump boys LOL

    • Edgar says:

      What something that someone sung during Maidan has to do
      with this? Maidan was one thing and Russian invasion into Ukraine is anoter thing.
      These soldiers are prisoners of war and should not be treated like this. Russians should be prepared that their soldiers will in turn be humiliated.

  5. bob says:

    The “West” should have armed those “Ukrainians” better…..more dead Russians and Ukrainians is what they want. I knew of a person(American)who’s job it was to make sure that the other side had weapons…..so that we could kill them…here, we trick them into killing each other….

  6. bob says:

    …its funny how the world works…Russia is not ‘allowed’ to protect its own interest,yet Israel can carpet bomb entire countries/cities because of individual crimes ??? I am still waiting for a U.S.A. city to secede !!!

    • ghost says:

      why aren’t we putting up sanctions against Kiev? they shell cities and kill civilians! the US run world is a disgrace…

      • Bulls Eye says:

        Good point. Hypocrisy is the real mark of this conflict.

        You can get independence as long as you side with NATO (and build bases). Otherwise you get bombed ‘legally’.

  7. Hinterland02 says:

    idiot Russian soldier…with ridiculous sunglasses and his weapons.
    Without weapons and glasses would be just an idiot.
    A true Russian would be ashamed of that soldier

    • MAXDMG says:

      Ukrainian army loocks like idiots iven with guns)

    • ghost says:

      these “Russian idiot soldiers” as you refer to them are mostly local guys…but they are motivated and they kicked the Ukrops across the steppe…now heading for Mariupol and Zaporoshije…maybe soon in Kiev? who knows…but the west and its fascist allies technically already lost the military conflict

      • Attila says:

        Putin reminds you of Hitler much?

        When you guys have the great Soviet Union back it will be great! Empty shelves, empty stomachs and instead of Lenin you will have new Putin statues! However human life in russia doesn’t matter, what to live for? Vodka gets boring when you are an alcoholic!

  8. Mister Twister says:

    If Russia keeps this up, the 3rd World War will be against them.

    • Lord Kitchener says:

      Do you think the Russians will be sitting idle while we (or our Ukrainian clients) attack and kill their people anywhere?? Of course not, boy.

      And we denied the people living there any kind of democratic choice. So, yes, we are fueling a World Conflict (or another Cold War). As long as THEY die, there’s no problem for us…

      Now cheer up. Lets keep demonizing those Russians!

      • Attila says:

        Let’s hope you will live your life in Russia and you will have all the benefits of being stupid and poor. We will just keep enjoy our lives!

        Who in their right mind would want to be Russian citizen? Why not go back to the middle ages?

    • Bob says:

      If Russia keeps up WHAT, you fool??

    • MAXDMG says:

      Russia not allowed in that conflict) If RF real uses army, all war ending like in a georgia)

  9. Dmitrii says:

    They were stripped for finding tattoos. Because a lot of nazis or members of special groups has specific tattoos.
    You can see this video here: here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_vh3zCWGCY

    • Attila says:

      What nazi’s are you talking about? You know nazi means Nationalist, which way more fits the russians than the Ukrainians.
      Where are they cutting back on free speech? (Russia – no cursing laws)
      Where are they against homosexuals, just like in Hitler’s germany – In Russia
      Where are people sign up to an ideology which will not get them any personal gain? – Russia!

      Who would want to live in Russia as an average person? Plastic cover on the tables, everything looks like 60 years ago in the US…. It seems on the other side, we have Russians fleeing from the motherland!

      • Dmitrii says:

        I’m talking about nazis who call themselves Nazis and who making special nazi tattoo. If You can’t understand it yet I can’t explain better)))
        Now about Russia and Nationalism : Russians don’t kill anyone with another nationality, another language, another opinion. in Russia there are more then 250 indigenous Peoples and they have equal rights. some of Russian subject of the federation have second official language.
        Country with more then 250 nations who live together can’t be Nationalist)))
        “Where are they against homosexuals, just like in Hitler’s germany – In Russia”
        Hitler revived German factories and army… Are You shure what all Hitler’s actions for Germany was bad? and all countries with factories, army and anti gay laws are Nationalist? China fore example.
        In Russia there isn’t anti gay laws. If you are gay – it is only your business.
        But in Russia there is the law against a promotion of homosexuality.
        “Where are they cutting back on free speech? ” in Russia You there are a lot opposition press which posted opposition information. And I don’t know any country with free press))) it is impossible because press needs money)
        “Where are people sign up to an ideology which will not get them any personal gain?”
        am…oh… um… is it bad? only personal gain is good? No, thanks))) we are thinking about good for everyone))))
        Do you think what only Europe and USA is right? World is big and all peoples are different. There isn’t only one way.
        “Who would want to live in Russia as an average person?”
        I have friends from South America, China, Central Asia, Georgia, Armenia, a lot of people from Ukraine or Belarus… they have different reasons, but all of them live and work in Russia)))
        “Plastic cover on the tables, everything looks like 60 years ago in the US…. ”
        If it works what the reason to change it????
        “It seems on the other side, we have Russians fleeing from the motherland!”
        a lot of Chinese, Americans, Spanish, young people from Baltic states, Ukraine (to Europe or Russia)))) and other “fleeing” from the Motherland!
        We are living 21 century!!! people are mobile))) it is a side of globalization))))

  10. soon says:

    1.putin transformed his nation to a complete brainless idiots.bidlo.2all ugly anti western ukranian will end soon,when the west will realise that we dont need slavic hitlers gas!3 obama is a pussy,i wish good old reaganwas here.4 we all know,that pro russian comentators are working hard with the help of kremlin,to humiliate the west and ukraine.we westerners ,we know the truh.anyways,all impotent russian dictators had failed !

  11. Люцифер says:

    It is better for them to jump that to have a cutted throat

  12. Captain Sam says:

    You removed my comments, are you so afraid of the truth that you need to censor it?
    As Pierre Beaumarchais once said: “If censorship reigns, there cannot be sincere flattery, and only small men are afraid of small writings.”

    Cheers to a once free, proud, intellectual, and amazing country.

  13. Soviet Samurai says:

    Idiots what you will get is a big fat black sausage from Obama after you ruin your country. USA will have a fresh supply of Ukranian hookers in 2015. Dont you see that its profitable for America to have Russia and Ukraine fight each other?

  14. Free Man says:

    Stupid ruSSians. everywhere where are terorusians involved everywhere is big mess. Look at West and East Germany, why life was so poor in East? Nazi ruSSians hate West, but why there is so many russians in EU? Why they do not go home to putinstans paradise? ruSSia has so many oil/gas and is so poor country with big mess? And they don’t like that Ukrainians want to live like in Eu, not corrupted naci ruSSia

  15. Peace on earth someday says:

    I’m American and I love the Russian people and I love my people. I wish our governments weren’t so belligerent and worked together to make a better world. I wish we worked together to eliminate terrorism instead of provoking each other. I wish we could all get along. I want to visit the beautiful country of Russia someday and meet the nice people there. Let’s work on making a better world!

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