6 Russian Submarines On Their Way to Repair

Russian Submarines On Their Way to Repair

Posted on August 28, 2014 by team

Russian submarines of project 971 “Bratsk” and “Samara” are loaded on a Dutch vessel to be taken to Severodvinsk for repair. The Chinese vessel  “Hai Yang Shi You”, in its turn, will take NPS K-442 “Chelyabinsk”  (project 949 A) to Primorye for modernization.

“Samara” was unlucky to be hit by a torpedo in its bow.

The Dutch vessel “Transshelf” was built in the 80s in Finland for the USSR.

Screw of “Samara”.

The Chinese vessel “Hai Yang Shi You”.


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6 Responses to “Russian Submarines On Their Way to Repair”

  1. jeebs says:

    How long have they been sitting?

  2. Antonio Spiteri says:

    I can’t believe it, that the Russian Navy allows to take pictures of the sub’s propellers. They supposse to be top secret stuff; wether old or new.

    • Hans says:

      Don’t worry. The modern reparations in Russia are the secret stuff.

    • Marcus says:

      Maybe it was 50 years ago… nowdays hundreds of thousands of people have seen the propellers.

      The new subs dont have propellers, they have a more silent internal jet drift.

    • Kecap Manis says:

      Indeed, propeller design is considered top secret. It looks like they try to cover it with shroud but most part still can be seen.

  3. Nemo says:

    What Torpedo hit ‘Samara’….How, When ?

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