13 Russian Political Figures Now And Then

Russian Political Figures Now And Then

Posted on August 27, 2014 by team

Some things cannot be changed by power or status: let us have a look at famous Russian political figures when they were young, and today.

Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Timoshenko.

President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich.


13 Responses to “Russian Political Figures Now And Then”

  1. Risu says:

    Wow! Gorby was hot!!

  2. Alain says:

    Would be nice to add a few others : Kasparov or Navalny for example…

  3. Putout says:

    Miss the little fagot where is he???

  4. OCTOMOM says:

    Gorby and Yushenko look like some lovers I had back in Alabama!! Now I know why I always liked Gorby…

  5. Tommo says:

    Haha, Zhuganov’s a real Soviet poster boy. No wonder he wound up CPRF chief.

  6. Alain says:

    By the way, not “President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich” but “ex-President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich”…

  7. Gregabob says:

    Valentina was cute back then, still rather attractive now…

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