7 Large Antiship Missile Complex Whose Days Are Gone

Large Antiship Missile Complex Whose Days Are Gone

Posted on August 27, 2014 by team


You are going to see what remains of two battalions of anti-ship onshore missile complex “Utes” – large and almost unique objects of military history, built in the 1950s. We say “almost” because a similar complex was made on the Black Sea and it fortunately is functioning up to today.

Here in the north, its days are over.

Below are the photos of the battalions’ territories: underground launch systems, command post, diesel power station and missile remains.


“Object 101″ – an underground missile complex based ashore, had a radius of action of up to 100 km. The similar “Object 100″ was started to be built under Sevastopol in 1954. In 1957 here was formed a separate coast missile regiment that needed its own infrastructure. In fact, that regiment became a city-forming one for many years in Kildin. It was repeatedly modified and left Kildin in 1995.



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7 Responses to “Large Antiship Missile Complex Whose Days Are Gone”

  1. Muzzlehatch says:

    Interesting to speculate on what the various systems were for. I recognized the launch tubes for the P-35 ASCMs.
    Definitely a very humid area.

  2. Sole Survivor says:

    Only one pic of the curly girl. Pity…

  3. George says:

    I would hope those RATO’s and other explosive things have been demilled.

    If not, sitting on them would be a very bad I idea I think,.

  4. rostit says:


  5. Muzzlehatch says:

    The missile appears to be a test dummy, judging from the wooden wings.

  6. Stalinka says:

    Could someone translate this article into English?

  7. za manula says:

    Missile with wooden wings, are also made of iron, so are a test dummy.

    Why don’t use these old shelter for turism or museum or house?

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