8 The Place That Brings No Joy

The Place That Brings No Joy

Posted on August 26, 2014 by team

Pictures of an abandoned military facility somewhere in the Moscow region. We have seen many of them, but this one is even more depressing. The photographer, blogger sunjedy, says he’d prefer to have some vodka there instead of a cam.


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8 Responses to “The Place That Brings No Joy”

  1. Rise against evil says:

    It must have been really joyous to work for your life there, preparing the people for war.

  2. Ryan says:

    How does all the metal from these places not get taken and sold to scrap yards?..

    • George says:

      Nobody wants it. Not valuable enough.
      Takes too much effort to get some place to recycle.
      They want more valuable metal like copper.
      That’s why you see the motors and generators taken apart, the wiring stripped out etc….
      But iron, not worth much. It will be one day though.
      Even if you spent time sorting all that metal out to get something worth while, you’ll find your time, only comes to a couple dollars an hour. Why work for so little?

  3. Sole Sirvivor says:

    Because military grade metal is not so easy (or cheap) to recycle.

  4. Mark-CANADA says:

    Great photos !

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