3 Windmill Made of Scrap

Windmill Made of Scrap

Posted on August 25, 2014 by team

This windmill resembles an awkward robot from an old science fiction story, its wide hands-blades either rotate or become immovable. The creator of the project, Moteyus Synkyavychus from Belarus, had estimated all technical characteristics of the fifteen-meter windmill in his mind and made it from old auto parts. The power it produces is enough to provide illumination for his yard and shops, though he built it more for pleasure and entertainment, rather than for power supply.

If you can work hard and have a clear head in a remote village of Belarus, you can have the respect of people and wealth. The family of Moteyus came here from Lithuania in the 90s, here he started to do what he liked most – stone carving. All tools and machines for the work were made with his own hands.

At the age of eighteen, Moteyus assembled his first tractor.

The structure is supported by four discarded reinforced concrete poles from power transmission lines. Moteyus installed them by himself, using a crane and a winch he had previously made. The windmill is secured well, for each pole a hole 1,5 m deep was dug out in the ground.

Almost every component of the windmill is an old auto part.

At a wind speed of 5m/sec the windmill produces 5kW of energy which is supplied to twelve LED lamps all over the yard. Even after two windless days, the lamps will still be on, consuming the accumulated power.

Tubular electric heater.

The author is not fully satisfied with his work, according to him the windmill is not powerful enough.

He is going to upgrade the windmill and make it twice as powerful.

Shops of Moteyus.

This is another “hobby” of Moteyus. “Making headstones I realize we should value every moment of life”.

Moteyus has such a “museum” under the open sky.

Though he could come back to Lithuania at anytime, he plans to stay in Belarus, his wife is Belorussian, and life here is not so bad: fields are well cared for, taxes are comparatively low, strict order…



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3 Responses to “Windmill Made of Scrap”

  1. Jacob says:

    Damn he is good! hope he can upgrade his windmill or just build a new one! didnt trust his roof for that windmill. It looks so heavy!!

  2. p51d007 says:

    Notice how HAPPY he is? We could all take a page from his handbook…

  3. d says:

    I want to live that life!

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