1 Promenade In the Abandoned City

Promenade In the Abandoned City

Posted on August 25, 2014 by team

Right now you are invited for a walk along Sportivnaya Street – one of the most famous streets in Pripyat.

In general, Pripyat had two avenues and eleven streets. Sportivnaya street is unique, it’s the most overgrown today. In summer, it becomes almost impassable, buildings are hardly see behind the trees…

The street is called “Sportivnaya” (Sports Street), but in fact it has only one sports facility – a swimming pool.

The street starts from this sixteen-storey building (there are five buildings like this in Pripyat).

This is how it looked in the mid 80s. By the way, it didn’t have trees around at all. The street itself was rather wide.

From aside.

Remains of the barbed wire obstacle: dwelling houses of Pripyat were protected by barbed wire in the second half of 1986 to prevent looting.

Some buildings have double numeration.

Sportivnaya, 3.

Sportivnaya, 13.

The same building from the side of the swimming pool.


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  1. Vijay says:

    Thanks to the admins. of this site. Good to see the soul and different aspects of Russian life from pictures here. This variety is excellent and connects us all as humans.

    Coming to chernobyl, what happened there was sad. However, something even sadder is happening today. Humanity has gotten to be too wired and is starting to live with machines. By doing this, we are loosing focus on the finer, deeper aspects of life. So, this cultural loss is worse than Chernobyl or world war even. We have becoming like Robots almost. Check this article out for example: http://thewalrus.ca/hot-wired/

    People are texting more than interacting in person.
    It will be amazing to use technology to connect with the basics of life, our souls, nature and other deeper things.

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