7 Wooden Shipbuilding Is Still Alive

Wooden Shipbuilding Is Still Alive

Posted on August 23, 2014 by team

These are the pictures from the shipyard in Karelia where unique wood ships are still built. In fact the shipyard is unique too – there is no other place in Russia like this. Here they design and make wood cruising sailboats, training sailboats, pleasure sail and motor boats, tourist and fishing boats, marine boats of YAL-2, YAL-4, YAL-6 types, recreational rowed and sailed boats, traditional Russian boats.

Wooden shipbuilding “Varyag”.


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7 Responses to “Wooden Shipbuilding Is Still Alive”

  1. john says:

    Nice work,

  2. Erik Johnson says:

    Artist . Wonderful work .

  3. Ronald says:

    Amazing craftmanship!

  4. Mister Twister says:

    Varyag is a word of scandinavian origin. It made it’s way to Russia when the swedes ended up ruling over the land at one point. It means “sea farer”.

  5. Soviet Samurai says:

    Actually nobody really knows much about Russian early history. Today American media decides what is fact or what is fiction. However before The United States, Germany and various Scandinavian countries undermined Russia for centuries, in hopes of seizing Russian territories. Germans stole and destroyed many historic relics from Russia. Their historians erased Russian history and rewrote their own versions based on their sagas and which best suits their political views. The word Varyag originated around the time of Kievan Rus a barbaric era from which Russia was formed. Just like today, Russian history is written by foreigners like yourself that really know nothing about the actual Russian culture, history or people. What was sagas is now Wiki.

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