8 Watermelons for Homeless

Watermelons for Homeless

Posted on August 21, 2014 by tim

Now watermelons are in season in Russia and are pretty popular as a street selling food. The shop owners sometimes build such fenced storages right in the middle of the city to lock the fruit in overnight. The mesh fences don’t allow the watermelons be stolen. At least this was their purpose. However, as reported, homeless people have found their way to the sweet fruit: they use a knife to cut pieces of the fruit the exact same size as the squares in the mesh fence, then just pull it out and eat it. This way, watermelons get those red spots all over the storage. Some more pics are inside:

watermelon_03 watermelon_02


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8 Responses to “Watermelons for Homeless”

  1. Ryan says:

    Wow, that is some dirty business right there!

    They ruined a bunch of that guys watermelons.. The vendors need to slide a piece of particle board in between the fruit and the fence next time.. or leave a big dog with the fruit :)

  2. p51d007 says:

    Just like the morons near St. Louis Missouri…they think that they can take anything they want. Bunch of thieves!

  3. Tommo says:

    Good on them for getting a free feed! Food’s a right, not a privilege.

    • Mike from Ohio says:

      About the second time those leeches clean out your garden, pantry and fridge, you’ll be thinking about digging up an AK-47.

  4. o0o0 says:

    Wrong. Food is not a RIGHT. If it were, it would be freely given to those in need, and not just in a crisis aid situation. It is a NECCESITY, but not a given right.

    • neal says:

      thank you, this is whats wrong with the attitudes here, just like the right for free water in detroit, its costs money to make clean safe water, tired of this me, me, me society

  5. Mick Rogers says:

    Methinks the dog would eat some :)

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