9 Ukrainian Flag on Stalins Skyscraper in Moscow

Ukrainian Flag on Stalins Skyscraper in Moscow

Posted on August 20, 2014 by tim





Some dudes today climbed one of the so called “Stalin’s Skyscrapers” – tall buildings built during Stalin’s reign, and they placed the Ukrainian flag there. They also painted the top part of an already yellow star on top of the building a blue tone, so that it matched the Ukrainian flag colors. Later, as witnesses report, they jumped with a parachute off the building. See more, and what happened next, inside.


I think, as it’s a pretty high building, the flag could be seen from many parts of Moscow.




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9 Responses to “Ukrainian Flag on Stalins Skyscraper in Moscow”

  1. WWtS says:

    One thing for sure, Putin is gonna loose his shit…

  2. marian says:

    I heard on the news they caught 3 or 4 guys who painted the star.
    I’m curious – were they Russians or Ukrainians? If Russians, then Putinocchio won’t be happy :)

  3. Ironwolf says:


  4. Rob Norman says:

    Wonder how many Nuland coockies they got for this?

  5. tsapai says:

    Well done

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