11 Belorussian Family Keep Wolves As Pets

Belorussian Family Keep Wolves As Pets

Posted on August 19, 2014 by team


This family from Zacherevye, Belarus, has been keeping wolves as pets since 2009. The head of the family, Oleg Seleh, is a local game biologist. It was he who once brought wolf-cubs home.

The wolves are living on the territory of a hunting farm, two males and one female bore their young for the first time this spring. Oleg’s daughter, Alina, treats the predators as pets, they are fawning and even let her do some riding. When she pets the wolves she is never bitten, quite on the contrary, they lick her in the face fully obeying as they usually do in a wolf pack with a strict hierarchy. Looking at these photos, it’s hard to believe we see dangerous predators.

Elena Seleh, Oleg’s spouse, says that her husband knows perfectly well how to communicate with wolves with a special sound producing tool called a “vaba”.

Oleg had his first experience of communication with wolves ten years ago. For him it was a great pleasure to see the animals willingly coming back to him.

They doubted if the tamed animals would ever bear young, but they did in May 2014 – now they have four wolf-cubs. Oleg says: “Two wolves is a family, three wolves is a pack”. The female wolf liked a non-leader better but the pack leader didn’t let him approach her. They have a peculiar behavior during “a wolf wedding”. The leader really did a lot to attract her, danced and courted for several years, and finally she got pregnant to give birth to four cubs…

Oleg says this year was especially fertile for wolves, even those tamed by people.

Their female wolf does not have much trust in adults, only Alina, the girl, may catch her. As for the males – they have settled their conflicts and live in peace now.

The animals like to swim on hot days.

What could people learn from wolves? They are very faithful, and it’s genic. Something people tend to forget is that these animals remember for their entire life. Even in ten years time, he will recognize the person who used to feed him.

They have excursions here daily, the most frequent visitors are newly married couples, they like to take wedding pictures with wolves. Many foreigners come too – Germans, Frenchmen, Swedes.

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11 Responses to “Belorussian Family Keep Wolves As Pets”

  1. George says:

    As long as you understand their lives, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Still dangerous.
    The problem is most people don’t understand animals, they can’t think like them.

    The writer for instance would get killed for sure. The female is the wolf pack leader, not the male.

    Shame these beautiful creatures were nearly hunted to extinction in the US.

  2. Mister Twister says:

    Old news, but cool news.

    However, what happened to the fear of wolves? There is a reason wolves are the bad guys in old stories; they hate us by default. Why is humanity obsessed about getting closer to what wants to kill us?

  3. João says:

    A beatiful interaction. But I still believes that each animal (wolf and human) must have their respective distint places.

  4. ingmar says:

    No, they are not dangerous predators to humans. Only when the are frightened, hurt, nearly starving or ill. And this happens to a chance under 0.5% you meet a wolf. IF you meet a wolf in real nature, because normally they hide when they see/smell/hear humans.

    Human race is a predator to the wolves not viceversa.

  5. dogbite says:

    wolves are very hard pets. they howl, pee on everything, run in a pack and fight each other. not on my list of good pets. even hybrids (half wolves) are an amazing handful. easy compared to honey badgers or big primates, though.

  6. Rob Norman says:

    I wish so much to have a Lynx or two, but Wolves I wouldn’t dream about. Those sly and cunning animals no one knows how they will behave or what they might do. Be careful with that beautiful little girl, she might end up as wolf-food once you turn your back to the pack.

  7. SSSR says:

    I am sure the wolves can now speak the language of the people they are with.Before you call me crazy hold a voice recorder by a dogs mouth and record it’s breath and play it back at a high volume!

  8. anonymous says:

    Russian born wildlife biologist Dr Valerius Geist (now resident in Canada), explains when and how wolves can become EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to humans.

  9. Lee Kyung Hee says:

    They’re like big dogs…. Cooked with some garlic and kimchi, they must be delicious!! Good for manhood!

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