34 Exhibition of Russian Modern Military Equipment, Part III

Exhibition of Russian Modern Military Equipment, Part III

Posted on August 16, 2014 by team

Here is another set of pictures from the military exhibition Oboronexpo 2014 being held these days in the Moscow region. It is opened by Russian mortars which are being made use of in local conflicts of Donbas.

Combat anti-sabotage vehicle “Typhoon-M”.

Soldiers were provided with new boots for such an event.

The equipment was prepeared in a proper way too.


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34 Responses to “Exhibition of Russian Modern Military Equipment, Part III”

  1. MAXDMG says:

    Ukrainian mass media writes with enviable regularity that destroyed the equipment of the Russian Federation. But then again refute, because if Russia started to fight with Ukraine it’d all be over as quickly as in Georgia. The Ukrainian army is fighting on equal terms with the militia LNR and DND, moreover with huge losses because it’s a mob gathered by summonses, and weapons and are in terrible condition. From the Crimea all the equipment was returned to Ukraine, it was cheaper than to fix what 23 years was destroyed…

  2. Muzzlehatch says:

    The Russian army seems to like breech-loading mortars.

  3. Alain says:

    There are only Russian people to still believe that LNR and DNR are militia. The rest of the world knows it is the Russian army. And Russia does not even bother hide this fact…

    And, yes, they can win in Ukraine. But they will never be able to control a country of 45m inhabitants. That would be bleeding worse than Vietnam for the US or Afghanistan…

    Whatever Russia does, it will lose on the long term. It has already lost the support of a country brotherly of hundreds of years. That, is the worse that could happen…

    • MAXDMG says:

      I from Moskow, in Russia no one knows about war with Ukraine))) No mobilization, no dead bodies, even my brother works in army and not know about war)) And you realy know “truth” watch CNN)))

      • PO says:

        Is it because of censorship or because it will not be compliant to Kremlin’s propaganda?

        • MAXDMG says:

          You realy think than someone not even notice something like mobilization? )))) You realy funny))

          • Alain says:

            Who wrote about mobilization ? I did not…

            And you should very well know that Moscow is NOT Russia :) When you visit Moscow, you don’t know Russia. Like Paris is NOT France :) Ask the mothers of the dead soldiers in Rostov or other places in Russia (names and cities are easy to find online), when they last time saw their sons…

    • wize1 says:

      What are you talking about? Do you have any facts to back up your belief? The OSCE even stated no russian weapons have crossed the border. Russia has invited every possible international watchdog to come and try to find ANY sort of evidence for their involvement, and they’ve found NOTHING. You are just a fooled sheep.

      • Alain says:

        Come on, Wize1 : Russia and DNR/LNR has refused a wide dispatch of OSCE observers in Eastern Ukraine. There are maybe 10-20 of them to watch for hundreds of kilometers of border. So there are plenty of places to allow Russian weapons and soldiers enter Ukraine. And, definitely, plenty of pictures and videos of such hardware fighting in Ukraine. As well as ID papers of Russian soldiers. Beside this, Russia daily bombs Ukraine from its side (again, plenty of videos and photos to show it). YOU are just a fooled sheep :)

        • Den says:

          Dont forget to get a cookie from your the only Ministery of Truth.

        • Kalimba says:

          If Russia really were at war with Ukraine, the whole matter would be finished in weeks, with the Russian Army taking Kiev in days. =)

          • Alain says:

            Yes, definitely. But Russia would be unable to control the country and would face a partisan war which would drag it down under. Don’t forget the mighty USSR Red Army took 10 years to crush the Ukrainian resistance, after the Second World War. And that is without counting on international, huge sanctions. Vladimir knows all that…

            • Sole Survivor says:

              “…But Russia would be unable to control the country and would face a partisan…”… LOL. Not in Eastern Ukraine, where mostly Russian people live today (and Obama knows this very well). You imagine a lot of things.

  4. PO says:

    I agree. Even if Russia is able to win this hidden war against Ukraine it will leave deep marks. It might take many years to recover if it is possible of course.
    Those brothers have been able to live peaceful together for years before.
    For those who are blaming Ukraine for being fascist or Bandera like, just keep in mind few months ago there was a huge extreme right demonstration in Moscow… yes they were nazis.

    • MAXDMG says:

      Why RF need hidden war? In georgia russia win in 5 days, you think in ukraine war be longer if russia realy uses army?? )))

      • PO says:

        I think it will take a little bit longer and will have much more consequences then if it is not “hidden” :)

        • Yankee Doodle says:

          You mean the West arming Ukraine? Is that ‘hidden’ to you?

          • Pierre-Olivier Basseville says:

            I do not think it is hidden as it is advertised openly. Yes the west is helping Ukraine to build an army like Moscow is sending troops to fight Ukraine army.

            • Yankee Doodle says:

              The West helped openly Kosovo to secede, but today is against the effort of Eastern Ukrainians to do the very same thing. If they want to join Russia, tell us, why is the West interfering? Simple question.

  5. Sole Survivor says:

    The West wanted Ukraine in NATO -and to kick out the Russian Black Sea Fleet from Crimea (a former Russian territory, with mostly Russian people living there). Well, Crimea is Russian again, and you have people dying now… Nice plan!

  6. Pierre-Olivier Basseville says:

    Are you living in parallel world or are you totally brainwashed?
    People are dying because Putin and his far right friends will never accept an independant Ukraine. It is much better to be surrounded by puppet countries with highly corrupted government which are Moscow compliant.
    Wake up, take a cold shower and stop creating storing in your alternate reality.
    I have friends from both Russia and Ukraine and rare are the ones behind Putin.
    How can you explain some Russian Ukrainians are fighting for Ukraine? They just don’t want to see Moscow’s junta in Ukraine and live peacefully like before.
    I am not a pro USA or pro NATO but how can you explain even now Finland is considering joining NATO???
    All the eastern countries which had to deal with Moscow know exactly what it means and what is happening there; despite the highly brainwashing Russian propaganda.

    • Sole Survivor says:

      “… Putin and his far right friends will never accept an independant Ukraine…”. Really? If you like to ignore the fact that mostly Russian people live in Eastern Ukraine, that’s your problem only. Why not avoid this Civil War asking the people living there which country they prefer?

      Well, only the West is agaisnt this democratic solution, and you have people dying now… Nice plan!

    • Scotty says:

      Pierre, if you don’t like people to vote for secession, independence (or whatever they want), well, we MUST Bomb Scotland!!

      And I still don’t know how the choice of the people of East Ukraine (or Scotland) has something to do with you, or with most of Americans howling agaisnt those people’s right to choose.

      • Alain says:

        Compared to Scotland, the situation is fully different. In Scotland, the process has taken years, is backed by the “home country” and validated by the international world organizations. Nothing of this in Crimea and Ukraine…

        • Scotty says:

          It’s different from Scotland because the Scots are allowed to choose. To vote. Eastern Ukranians don’t. Simple.

          And you haven’t answered the second part of my comment. Read it again if you don’t understand.

        • Sole Survivor says:

          “…is backed by the “home country” and validated by the international world organizations…”. I guess you already know that Crimeans and East Ukrainians were denied (by force) that right to choose whatever thing they want. And it’s the West who is blocking that democratic (and peaceful) solution. And now you have people dying… No surprise.

  7. Desaparecido says:

    –“..it is much better to be surrounded by puppet countries with highly corrupted governmen…”. Nothing new. That’s Exactly what the US has been doing for decades. Look around all the corrupted murdering dictatorships it has supported and armed.

    • Alain says:

      It’s not because the US did it (which was not a good thing – euphemism), that Russia must do it. It would have been a better example for the world…

      • Desaparecido says:

        Really? Just take notice that the US and pals have not changed those ways at all in Ukraine (or anywhere else), and never will. Looks like you forget all about it when you write an ‘opinion’ here from your high horse.

        Instead of assuming things, you should ask the Crimeans and the Ukrainians in the East what do they really want. Oh, but that’s “illegal”…

      • Sole Survivor says:

        Alain, It should have been a much “better example” if the people living there could actually decide their fate peacefully, instead of being bombed. But probably only you know what all of them want.

  8. Sole Survivor says:

    It should have been a much “better example” if the people living there could actually decide their fate peacefully, instead of being bombed.

  9. joe says:

    russia never bombed ukraine civilians. you guys just believe the american bullshit(cnn, etc). also if russia were to go in to ukraine it would be over like in crimea, no blood. also russia is not like america that goes in a country and all thats left is dead civilians and a civil war.also acording to cnn and athor us bullshit LNR/DNR are bombing there own people. F U america and europe…

  10. joe says:

    RUSSIA(caps because i love it) does not bomb ukraine and america proves it using youtube and twitter bullshit “evidence”. also if anyone knows russian watch this news channel “www1tv.ru. oh ya also if america calls dnr/lnr are terrorists then why wont they kill every one in there.

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